The Supreme Court, in 2005, the civil suits read the story of the murder bossy !!

First of all these lives in India 3600 Ktlkhane possessing cutting cow's license! A further 36,000 are running Ktlkhane illegal! Two and a half million cows are killed every year! 1 wades quarter million, and 2 to 3 million swine, goats -bkriya, chicken hens etc. The number of small animals are in millions Can not count! India has become a country where murder is a murder! So when he could not bear all this in the 1998 Rajiv and Rajiv's brother, like brother like minded people in the Supreme Co.Continue reading

Panctntr Stories

Panchatantra tales History Ptrchtntr when and why these stories were written, a very interesting history behind it, | says that in ancient times, in Pataliputra; Which today is known as Patna, a comely name was extremely virtuous king reigned | one day the two verses are read by the king heard a poet whose price was something like this:   1. Namely knowledge of the human eye are real science by the knowledge can be used to penetrate our entire Snshyon and delusions; an introduction to th.Continue reading