India need more policy action to support growth says IMF

The International Monetary Fund has advised India that fiscal stability and more steps. At the same time, the IMF said the government should focus on the source of income generation. According to the IMF, the government has managed to continually reduce costs. Besides gold and crude also is supported. Expectations on the current account deficit has seen much control. According to the IMF for Stability The government will emphasize income generation.   The IMF expects crude prices to fall .Continue reading

China become the largest online market over takes US in e commerce sales

China's e-commerce has surpassed the US in terms of earnings. It claims to be China's official media on Friday. According to a report last year in China through e-commerce platform has total earnings of $ 43.9 million. The e-commerce companies in the GDP of China has increased 7 percent.   According to Chinese state media in the past 5 years, China's economic growth has been sustained by Internet. China's GDP is 7 per cent of the industry. The US has more than 1 per cent. The China Intern.Continue reading

S&P up 8.3 percent in October highest in four years

US stock markets declined in October last trading session. Although the month is the best in the market for the past 4 years. The month of October has seen the most gains in the S & P 500. The index rose 8.3 percent. The Dow rose 8.5 percent this month. Nasdaq's gains of 9.4 percent in October.   During the week, the S & P 500 showed a gain of 0.2 percent. These 5th consecutive week when the S & P closed above. The index of the long edge of the year round. While this entire we.Continue reading

Sensex Nifty closed

The last trading session of the week at 0.80 per cent of the domestic market is closed. Sensex 27000 and Nifty closing below 8100 levels is important. International markets were weak and L & T, ITC's estimate of the impact of the poor results, the move has had on the market. FMCG and auto indices were down by 2% In today's trading on the NSE auto, metal, realty and FMCG index has declined by two per cent. However, bank, energy and pharma stocks got some support to the market came from pu.Continue reading

L&T posts net profit of Rs 996 cr in Q2

L & T in the second quarter of fiscal 2016 results are better than expected. The company's net profit increased 15.55% per cent. The company's consolidated net profit rose by 15.55 per cent to Rs 996 crore has been. Last year, the company net profit of 862 million was Kanso.   The company's revenue increased 10.5 percent During the July-September quarter earnings of L & T has recorded a growth of 10.5 per cent. 23 393 crore in revenue this quarter. During the quarter the company'.Continue reading

ICICI Bk shares rise more, up 2.3%; Jul-Sep PAT in line with view

The country's largest private sector lender ICICI Bank has announced its July-September results. The bank's net profit rose 11.8% to 3,030 crore. The interest income of the bank increased from Rs 4657 to Rs 5252 crore has been. However, net NPAs increased marginally. Better than expected results after the bank is seeing a rise in stocks. ICICI Bank's stock is currently 1.5 per cent to Rs 275 is reached.   Results of expert opinion Vaibhav Agrawal, banking analyst at Angel Broking, said I.Continue reading

Kotak Bank net profit surges 28% to Rs 569 cr in Q2

In the second quarter of fiscal 2016, Kotak Mahindra Bank's net profit has increased 28 percent. The Kotak Mahindra Bank has a net profit of Rs 569 crore. When & zwj; that last year the bank had a net profit of Rs 444 crore.   The revenue growth of 64 per cent in the July-September During the July-September quarter bank earnings growth of around 64 per cent was recorded. During the quarter, the bank's income stood at Rs 4,621 crore. 2818 crore in the previous year, the bank's income..Continue reading

ITC Jul-Sep input cost 2691 cr rupees vs 2793 cr year ago

India's largest FMCG conglomerate ITC has announced the results of its July-September quarter. The company's net profit rose 0.25 percent to 2,431 crore. However, the company's revenue has declined by 1.3 per cent to Rs 8904 crore. These poor results since the company's stock has fallen to 4 per cent to Rs 334.   Market experts say that the company's cigarette business income decline has affected the company's results. However, it would be better to buy on dips in stock.   Modest i.Continue reading

Japan's Nikkei 225 index flip-flopped in early trade

The last trading session of the week at the beginning of the Asian market has declined. Negative signals from the US to the Asian market is on the move.   Asia: All major indices declined half a percent Friday's trading session with a decline in the Asian market. All major indices were down half a percent in early trading. The decline in the US market and the Bank of Japan's decision before the market pressure.   Japan's benchmark Nikkei index at the level of 0.20 per cent has 18 .Continue reading

Global mkts in green but Nifty to opens expiry day in red

Domestic market has continued to decline for the fourth consecutive day. Sensex and Nifty has tumbled 0.20 percent.   October futures expiry weak signal received from the international market and the domestic market is seeing a decline. On NSE today with all sectoral indices are trading. Bank and auto index has tumbled 0.25 percent. The BSE 30-share Sensex index fell 40 points to 27,000 levels. The NSE 50-share Nifty index fell by 20 points, is trading at 8150 levels.   Why is mark.Continue reading

The Federal Reserve decided to keep its benchmark interest rate unchanged

The US central bank Federal Reserve has signaled an increase in interest rates in December. The meeting ended late Wednesday the Fed's interest rates unchanged. US interest rates in the last nine years has stabilized at 0.25 percent from 0.00.   An increase in interest rates by the Fed after the signal is seeing pressure on international commodity markets. Gold in the international market on Thursday's two-week lows. While crude prices tumbled half a cent. American and Asian markets are g.Continue reading

India among top 10 in total individual wealth globally

India is the world's top 10 countries in terms of assets has been included in the list. New World Health reported a total personal income of India is estimated around 3492 billion.   In this report, the US is number one. US total personal income is estimated at around 48 734 billion.   China is ranked second in the list. According to the report, China's total personal income is around 17 254 billion. China is followed by Japan in the list.   Japan's total personal income is .Continue reading

Jet Airways posts Rs 83 crore net profit in Q2FY15

In the second quarter of fiscal 2016, Jet Airways has posted a profit of Rs 83 crore. Earlier this year the company had a net loss of 428 million in profits around. Compared to last year, the company recorded a growth of passenger traffic is around 26 percent.   Jetayrvej 8 percent jump in sales During the July-September quarter, the company recorded sales growth of 8 percent. The company's sales last year compared to 5092 crore to Rs 5,504 crore has been.   The company's Chief Ex.Continue reading

Indigo IPO gets fully subscribed on massive response from FIIs

Indigo's IPO was over-subscribed within two days. By noon on the second day of the issue has received applications for shares were offered. Most applications are received from qualified institutional buyers or QIB.   According to information received by the market close the IPO was subscribed 1.33 times. The QIB segment has a quota of 4.48 times oversubscribed. QIB segment FII domestic banks, financial institutions and insurance companies, mutual funds. Although the retail investor from t.Continue reading


Jay in the second quarter of fiscal 2016 profits 55 per cent of the tire. The company's net profit rose 55 per cent to Rs 118 crore has been. In the previous quarter, net profit was Rs 76 crore. The consolidated turnover of Rs 1986 crore company has been able to achieve.   Although the fiscal 2016 second quarter sales by 3.6 per cent in the JK Tyre is Rs 1,791. 2015 second the & zwj; Wartr JK tire sales was Rs 1,859.   The shares today rose 0.71 per cent on BSE JK Tyres closed .Continue reading

Apple posts better than expected Q4 result as net surges to $1120 crore

Innovative devices, Apple's fourth quarter results were better than market projections. Apple's profit in the fourth quarter compared to last year increased from 847 million to 1120 million, or 72 800 crore. These amount to 72 800 over the previous year net profit is 32.23 per cent. According to the company earnings per share increased from $ 1.42 per share to $ 1.96 per share has risen. The company's total income has gone up 22 per cent to $ 5,150 million. The Company's gross margin increased f.Continue reading

Volatility set to creep into stock market on NSE indicators

National Stock Exchange (NSE), the indicators again raising fears of large fluctuations in the stock market are. Domestic sentiments in the US central bank Federal Reserve meeting on interest rates, the effect can be seen on market moves. So in the coming sessions, the Sensex and Nifty are seeing large fluctuations.   These indicators anticipating fluctuations in the market In the first trading session of the week NSE VIX index had gained 6.5 per cent, which is detected, the large fl.Continue reading

Gold prices set to fall up to $1100 per ounce in global market

Gold prices could fall further. GFMS Gold Survey 2015 has been estimated that the global market price of gold fell $ 75 to $ 1,100 an ounce by December can reach. The report said that while growth rates in the US, there is clarity on the level and timing, then the prices will come under pressure   Why will gold prices According to the report, the Federal Reserve's decision uncertainty, the level of inflation in the US and weak sentiments among investors on gold prices will come under pre.Continue reading

US Stocks close lower, transports fall more than 2.5%

Asian markets fell early in the session on Wednesday with light was. Slow signals from the US market is on the Asian markets. Today the Central Bank of the US Federal Reserve's decision on interest rates will come. The market will determine the further direction.   Asian markets traded in the slack US markets were slow light signals the beginning of the Asian markets has declined. Japan's Nikkei index excluding all other indices are trading with. The large stimulus package expected in Ja.Continue reading

Sensex Nifty closed

Domestic market closed lower for the second day of the week has been. Before the Fed meeting is pressure on the global market. Sensex and Nifty have seen the impact.   Korabr today at NSE Energy, Infrastructure, PSU, realty and infrastructure sector has declined by more than half a percent. However, auto, media and shopping MNC stocks got some support from the benchmark index.   The BSE 30-share Sensex index dropped 108 points to close at 27 253 was. The NSE 50-share Nifty index fe.Continue reading