Home and hospital will Affordable Solar Power

Modi renewable energy, including solar power for cheaper is constantly innovating. Renewable energy generation by 2022 MW in the year, the government set a target of 1.75 million, but now the government is preparing to meet in such large quantities that make renewable energy affordable and accessible is to focus on storage. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), the energy storage in place of the existing technology is making preparations to bring new Teknolhoji. The Ministry believes that.Continue reading

There will be several solar power hub 75 channel partner approvals

In the coming days, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Gujarat Solar Power, would emerge as the hub. The central government, the 75 channel partners across the country for solar power projects approved, 18 of them from Maharashtra, Karnataka and Gujarat from 16 to 10 trading. The government has started preparing ahead. Now the channel partner will be selected in January.   The government extended the target Modi government target of solar power projects have increased almost five-fold. By 2022, .Continue reading

Solar Park project the government will accelerate through VGF Help

Solar power business of government to provide another opportunity for those going. Businesses across the country to become a solar parks will be given the chance to find the project. Not only that, these projects Waybiliti Gap Fund (VGF) scheme will be financial support. The Union Ministry of Renewable Energy (MNRE) has also prepared guidelines for it.   Will grow from 10 MW Project Across the country, to set up 25 solar parks. MNRE plans of these parks totaling 2,000 MW grid connected s.Continue reading

They failed in the first 7 Startups owner millionaire businessman today

Former Indian President Abdul Kalam, one thing always used to say, "is supposed to reach peak strength, whether it be the summit of Mount Everest or your profession. Some of the finest examples in India who have proven themselves. Fast startup begun several years, but many failed to introduce him several times. There were some failure of those who did not give up ever. Other startup launched and eventually became the owner of large companies today are sitting. Money Times is telling you about pe.Continue reading

These are unique business you too can become an idea Businessman

Aiidya most people, but few people have the courage to change her business. While there are some people who put their unique business idea on the back of substantial further. Money Times today is to tell you about a unique business, which are offbeat. You also understand that business, you can start own business. It's important to start a business that does not require much funding.   'Get My Peon' This website is your name 'gate My Peon' is like. The website was meant to undertake direc.Continue reading

PSU monitor 250 for public procurement 20%

Small businesses have got a great gift from April. The last three years to implement a voluntary public procurement policy has now become essential. The government companies and departments of the new financial year, 20 per cent of its purchases from small businesses would buy anyway. The move to small businesses will get a Garnted customer. Atkenge well as their payment reduced. Micro, Small and Industry Ministry will monitor 250 PSU. As of yet there are only 44 PSUs, which are able to meet the.Continue reading

Small business entrepreneurs will get 50 thousand million

April has been a compulsory procurement policy for small businesses is a big door Khoelne. Businesses in the next two years will get 50 thousand crore new market. Micro and Small Enterprises under the public procurement policy to government companies to buy 20 per cent of your total purchase is mandatory. According to the industry, new steps will be 15 per cent growth in manufacturing SMEs. Also there will be new jobs.   In two years, will get Rs 50,000 crore market Faridabad Small Indus.Continue reading

Tea trade of $ 10 billion the chance to earn profits: Chayos

T Cafe 'Chayos "Thanks to its network in the next 18 months, raising venture capital fund of Rs 40 crore and is planning to open 50 new outlets in the country. Cafe claimed that the Indian tea business is quite vacant. According to cafes in the country completely unorganized tea business is more than $ 10 billion. The market size due to the trend of investors is enough. The business enterprise can be made of several billion dollars.   Business expansion will Chayos Chayos founder Nitin S.Continue reading

These are easy ways to make money can earn thousands in a few hours

Everyone wants to be rich. Whenever someone in mind to be a human being comes to the money he earned every penny oldest Fnde 'earn and spend less, do more' seems to execute. However, If seen today in the fast lives Raton- everyone to become rich overnight.   Such people start finding shortcuts. However, everyone's hands keys to the vault would not seem so. Just hand remains frustrating. However, there is no need to be disappointed. Today, nothing is impossible. Just make the right efforts.Continue reading

Yuvraj Singh Give Super IDEA get a chance to make money

Indian Premier League is going to be introduced. From the opening ceremony of the IPL auction to Yuvraj All eyes are set on. Yuvraj, the most expensive player in the IPL this season. But, now Yuvraj Singh are going to start new innings. The shift is as a cricketer but Bijnsman. Prince soon be launching a venture fund. The venture fund will invest the money in different sectors of the startup. So you have a good idea by chance that the prince you can start your business. Yuvraj Singh to take good.Continue reading

You can also become Tata Ambani start a business that will help the exchange bank

If you want to expand their business or Super Business Idea Bank will help the currency. Youth exchange taking a bank loan can start own business. Important thing is that the bank will be more such classes, the absence of which the budget could not afford to expand their business. Small shop, beauty parlor, mechanic, tailor, potters and other such deeds currency bank would be the better choice.   We will show you how currency bank What is the currency bank? The full name of the currency.Continue reading

AMUL is giving the chance to earn the business of 8 million

Dairy cooperative Amul ice cream parlors, the number of outlets, and is increasingly focusing on increasing. The company has 10 outlets and a thousand thousand Amul Preferred Amul ice cream parlors, is planned to begin. Amul's 7,200 outlets across the country and now has 800 parlors. Amul parlors for new outlets and adopt Frenchaiji route. Entrepreneurs and business people who wish to start such a good chance to. According to Frenchaij India, Amul outlets of introducing minimum investment of Rs .Continue reading

Advance can start with these 4 Business to get profits

Starting business in the name of the first one that comes to mind, large capital. Of course you have a great business to start up millions of rupees are not, but there are some businesses, you can start from home with less money and profitability prospects are very high. The business has the advantage that it can begin to work with these cash advances. Moneybhaskar.com such as 4 is to give business information, which can be started at a lower cost-in   These are those 4 Business 1. Even.Continue reading

Start your RESTAURANT is that the cost of that process

India's food business is growing rapidly. Restaurant business opportunities are becoming better. Online food delivery due to increasing demand in the past few years, the industry is consistently profitable. In fiscal year 2015 the turnover of the industry is estimated at around 258 billion dollars, while the fiscal year 2020 the turnover of $ 318 billion (ie approximately 1.1448 million crore) will reach. If you are thinking about starting a business, the better option may be to open the restaur.Continue reading

Garbage demanded $ 1.5 billion will market

The fast-growing urban population and increasing per capita between the amount of litter is a good news. By 2017, the market for useful stuff from the litter made up half billion will be reached.   Industry chamber organization, together with the survey report Sikainetiks Wednesday 'Earth Day' is released on. The report states that currently litter made useful A billion dollar market of goods, which by 2017 will be increased and a half billion dollars.   The report said that in 201.Continue reading

Gems and Jewellery industry focus on small towns

Given the sluggish demand in the export sector Gems and Jewellery manufacturers shift their focus and strategy have begun. Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra Byers Meats and Jewellery Fair Jewellery manufacturers now on the market with the small towns are the focus. According to jewelery traders, from the last two years the industry has been facing difficulties. The slowdown in Europe and China, political unrest in the Middle East, the Russian crisis and flat growth this year due to fluctuations.Continue reading

HONDA earn money associated with the company is offering these new offers

Japanese carmaker Honda Cars India Ltd is planning to build 68 new dealer. By March 2016 the company plans to add these new dealers. The company will focus on a market other than the current market, where there is access to the right. Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities of the company especially in the plans to build a new dealer. So, you have the chance to earn money associated with Honda. However, for this you will have to have 4 to 5 crore hefty capital.   What's the Plan According to the compan.Continue reading

Business in 9 countries will receive a subsidy of up to 40 thousand

Small and medium entrepreneurs (MSMEs) have the chance that they will take this year's World in nine countries taking part in the trade fair can increase their business. The industrial organization Integrated Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs IM) of India has announced the support of entrepreneurs. The organization of the trade fair held in nine countries while continuing calendar appealed to entrepreneurs that they join these fair subsidy also can achieve.   IM SME Chairman Rajiv.Continue reading

Business start-profit in just 50 thousand giving the company a chance

In the era of online businesses, ranging from small town to the capital for message delivery and courier, cargo has increased the importance of features like. The Diteedisi expanding in India. Small or large city, everywhere can be achieved Diteedisi franchises. Associated with Diteedisi own business you can start. The company is giving you the chance. We're telling you how you can Diteedisi franchises.   Where are the franchisees offer India, A, B, C Ktegri Diteedisi franchises in c.Continue reading

6 tool women can earn money sitting at home the first month will be the earnings

Delhi's Mayur Vihar dwelling Radhika Kapoor's wedding took place in November last year. Two months later she bore survived by staying at home. She was a friend of a sudden their own cooking business from home can start and can earn money. Radhika Just what was then the cooking careers. Today Radhika earn Rs 90 months. Women usually take care of home and family, as well as careers in the affair also omit these things, but do not have to be disappointed. We are telling women to stay home and earn .Continue reading