Paperex showcases increasing capabilities of India's paper industry

From November 1 to November 4 at the upcoming exhibition Pepraks paper will be organized at Pragati Maidan. Paper Manufacturers of the exhibition will be attended by 33 countries, including India. The Indian paper industry increased production, new technology, the paper industry will be shown on Investment.   Will attend the big brands International Trade & Exhibition India 12 Traders Association organized the exhibition in collaboration with the country's leading paper manufacturers.Continue reading

State govt are tightening regulation for e commerce industry

E-commerce companies are sold at cheap stuff now traders are also sooth. In many states, it is in danger of large-scale tax evasion. However, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand governments to prevent tax evasion are being vigorously affected by the actual customer. Snapdeal direct impact, e-commerce companies such as Amazon and Flipkart is also falling. VAT Department's action to prevent tax evasion Indeed, Snapdeal, companies like Amazon and Flipkart strictly due to the VAT department of UP, Utt.Continue reading

government Tuesday exempted parts and components used in wind-operated electricity generators

Wind power components, new orders in the excise duty exemption will improve the sentiment. Wind power components Traders said the government issued an order in this regard clear their discomfort is eliminated. Then they will be able to concentrate more on your business. This will increase the wind power business.   Such relief Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association associate director OP Taneja says that in 2014 wind turbines were exempted from excise on several components, but the.Continue reading

Made in 4 crores, DDLJ mints over Rs 300 cr at box office

Deedielje the DDLJ Shahrukh Khan's first film, which he had set up as King Khan of Bollywood. Deedielje Hindi film was revealed as the trend-setter in the business, which had established itself on the strength of that romance can be achieved tremendous success in Bollywood. The film was released on October 19 in 1995 to 20 years are going to be. Mnibaskr Deedielje telling about some of the same things, which had set a trend in Bollywood Business Box office hit the rock, spent 30 times earning.Continue reading

PayUmoney sees boom in digital adoption by SMEs

Small and medium enterprises are the leading Payment Gateway company Peyu Money (SMEs) to the fast-growing e-commerce acceptance is excited to see the Great. Peyumni Head (New Channel Partnership) Paritosh Sharma, we SME acceptability of the digital economy are expected to grow rapidly. Without any capital expenditure Peyumni providing the best environment and empowerment, it would promote small businesses globally. He said, we have to promote SMEs and start-Apl Peyumni India Growth Drivers in.Continue reading

exporters says outlook is gloomy due to slow demand from usa, china, EU economy

US, China and European countries, the economic slowdown in the condition of Indian businessmen is snapped. Impact of declining demand in Delhi-NCR, Punjab, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Gujarat is on the exporter. The condition is that now traders have started layoffs. Only the diamond industry in 1600 in Punjab and Gujarat, involving 2,000 units have been closed. Delhi, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh State cut the second shift at the traders have started emergency measures. Because of declining petroleu.Continue reading

govt plans to ease of doing business for fertiliser industry

Age of Doing Business in view of the Ministry of Agriculture fertilizer registration process easier for manufacturers to have been plotting. Manufacturers now sell their products have to go through the difficult process. Fertiliser manufacturers currently selling its products to state governments under the Fertilizer Control Order of Mamorendm Intimation is to be submitted. This means that manufacturers have to be licensed in each state vary. Such permission is granted for a fixed time and woul.Continue reading

Pricing Strategy of large steel companies hitting small units profit margins

Sluggish demand in the steel market reeling difficulties of small units, large companies are once again going to increase. The country's biggest state-owned and private steel companies, announced by the government in 1500 to take advantage of the safeguard duty per tonne price hike. But little sluggish demand in the steel industry in view of the market to raise prices is not possible to do. According to traders, the market demand is lower than last year by 30. So they can not raise prices. Raw-.Continue reading

Govt declines to offer MSME benefits to several firms working under same ownership

The government has hit small businesses. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) issued a new order from the Ministry stated that the same ownership and investment in companies of various parts of the country by adding (by clubs) will be given the status of Mssi. So far, companies are given the status of MSMEs, but now on the basis of ownership will status. After the decision of the government, where many small enterprise, medium enterprise category will reach the large number of medium ente.Continue reading

11 food, pharma organisations seek CBI inquiry against FSSAI

Maggie dispute scorched industry protests against the food regulator FSSAI said. Food and pharma sectors, 11 industry-related organizations on Thursday accused Fssai has become a den of corruption. The functioning of the Authority has demanded a CBI probe. Maggie is in dispute with the FSSAI considerable discussion. 11 organizations that make up the National Joint Action Committee said that FSSAI autocratic attitude is affecting the food industry. Food regulator accused of irregularities in the.Continue reading

Imitation Jewelry industry getting good order from Rural India

Famous for its cheap but flashy jewelery imitation jewelery industry of India this year, the festive and wedding season, strong growth is expected thereafter. Yet exports and limited to big cities for industry, semi-urban and rural market this year, most orders are traceable. According to industry insiders businesses in rural areas had the highest circulation of gold and silver jewelery. But this year, as the last rabi and kharif current approach to farming has been average. Instead of moving h.Continue reading

Measures suggested by FISME to revamp public procurement system.

SME organization, the Federation of Indian Micro and Small and Medium Enterprises (Fisme) Goyal appealed to the Minister of Power for the power companies, changes in government procurement systems should be the best quality of goods rose to companies. Take a lesson from the tragedy in Meerut Fisme of an accident in Meerut, noting that in the past a line of electric pole breakdown UPPCL man was killed. Have the cause of death of the employee Balram quality goods being reported. Traders wit.Continue reading

Centre will crackdown severely on sale of Chinese crackers

China will import this Diwali crackers. Commerce Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said Saturday that China will continue the ban on firecrackers. The government of China will take strong measures to prevent smuggling. The government will take action to raids and seized Knasainment. Sitharaman said the customs department raided, as well as seizure coming from China were instructed to send the consignment back to India, which has been stolen.   Most complaints are coming from Tamil Nadu The mi.Continue reading

industries said that use of glass will make smart cities look more elegant

Smart City and the country's glass industry growth will clean India Mission. It is believed, All India Glass Manufacturers' Federation. Glass Manufacturers' Federation's annual general meeting included the demand of green buildings in the coming days, which will prove beneficial for the glass industry. Brithiji Division Director Barun Agarwal There are several benefits of using glass in buildings. The biggest advantage is low power consumption. Sunlight reaches inside homes. Additionally, the u.Continue reading

EEPC India has written letter to govt

Steel industry from cheap imports to relieve the Director General of Safeguards of the 20 per cent figure provisional safeguard duty counsel may have an adverse impact on small businesses by. Engineering Export Promotion Council of India (Iipisi) has written to the government expressing objections. In a letter to Secretary of the Department of Heavy Industry R Iipisi. Katoch said that it is a serious matter and it will affect MSMEs. Get very expensive for traders who export steel seat, the engi.Continue reading

Asia’s SMEs need growth capital to become more competitive:

Asia's small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly internationally competitive companies need finance to grow. Asian Development Bank (ADB) report as one of the world's Ubrti from the recent global recession, a strong and sustainable growth in Asia is crucial for the financing. Some SMEs are able to innovate ADB's Senior Advisor for Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department said Noritaka Akamatsu, millions in Asia, but only some of them are SMEs, which are able to grow t.Continue reading

Ratan Tata invests in startup Holachef

Ratan Tata, chairman of Tata Sons retired chef focuses on particular individual has invested in Holashef marketplace. It has been employed for an undisclosed amount. The company said in a statement Saurabh Saxena and launched in September 2014 by Anil Gelra Holashef recorded good growth in Mumbai and Pune. Food-Tech sector's plan to emerge as a leader in Holashef co-founder and chief executive Saurabh Saxena, Ratan Tata's name and his personality is synonymous with trust and consumer focus. In.Continue reading

BSE SME Index surges 0.75%, Sensex down 4.75% in August

In August, the SME index BSE Sensex is much better. FII selling in August 1312 points, or 4.74 per cent, the BSE Sensex index fell, while the SME index has returned a positive 0.75 per cent. The experts with knowledge of the SME index show that increasing investor confidence in the domestic economy and government policies of Doing Doing of small business are growing fast. Both BSE and NSE SME platform exchange- number of companies are taking steps to increase continuously. The index of the volum.Continue reading

Industry leaders join forces to form startup fund

Mohandas Pai, wife Naidu and IT industry leaders such as Jay A. Chowdhury seed funding for a start-up company to exceed Ventures joined hands. The Company Security, Semiconductors and embedded devices are working in areas such as investment in start-ups. Start-up Ventures exceed Rs 30 crore Aruha Technology Fund (ATF) is introduced, the smaller companies in the early stages to complete (end-to-end) will provide support. Start-ups exceed BV Naidu, managing partner, start-ups, companies often lac.Continue reading

India's steel production slashes 30 per cent amid high prices, less supply of iron ore scrap

Such as iron-ore and scrap steel industry rising rates and falling supply of key raw materials is strongly jolted. Due to the sharp fall in the rupee imported iron scrap (HMS 1 and 2) price is 8 to 10 per cent. Scrap importers due to sharp changes in the exchange rate of new orders is banned. Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Maharashtra mills have fallen by 25 to 30 per cent. On the other hand, another key raw materials iron ore mining in Odisha, Chhattisgarh fall, West Bengal and Jharkhand.Continue reading