banks are facing challenge of low demand and less availibility of the products

Small business start-up currency bank is running behind its target. Yet only 30 per cent of the bank achieved its target is found. Because of this, especially for those starting a new business is a long wait of cheap loans. Bank lending target of Rs 1.22 lakh this year, of which only 35 thousand crore loan yet got the traders.   What is the Most According to the Finance Ministry so far total 35 240 Currency Bank has given a loan of Rs. Around 58.41 million for loans made to businesses. I.Continue reading

Two SME listed on stock exchange, list goes upto 113 in BSE

Bombay Stock Exchange on Thursday two new companies on the SME platform attended. With these two companies are listed so far have come in the list of 113 companies trading. Bella Casa Fashion and Retail Ltd and Vishal Bearings Ltd. with its IPO last month came, which ended Sept. 30 issue. Jaipur Bella Casa Fashion and Retail, the IPO was 24.50 million shares. The company said the IPO to raise Rs 3.43 crore. The Rajkot 12.96 million shares through the massive Bearings Ltd had set a target of ra.Continue reading

Loan is available for Individuals, Professionals, firms and businessmen

Business for banks and other financial organizations in creating the appropriate environment is commendable contribution. These efforts to boost business, from starting a business are everything. Indian Bank's scheme for those businessmen or companies who need capital for expansion. The scheme is designed thoughtfully, because many times it is seen that the business after starting his expansion may not predictable. And, it is often due to lack of capital. Bank's scheme for individuals or compani.Continue reading

PNB intends to help professionals wishing to open or expand business

Professional Course in recent years by young people to their business instead of corporate jobs being trained emphasis catches. The good thing is that the financial institutions business ambitions of these qualified professionals constantly are promoting. Punjab National Bank also keeping in mind the needs of those businesses has launched a loan scheme. The scheme is to start a business is to increase the business. The bank offers loans of up to Rs one crore for professionals is. In some cases, .Continue reading

Bank of India gives loan up to one crore under the scheme

Promote entrepreneur ship in the country and the government to create an environment suitable for business is constantly striving. Banks participating in this work are also proactive. In the series, Bank of India is the star of the small entrepreneur Skimlonc consolidated loan. This attractive scheme is designed keeping in mind the small businessman. This innovative micro and small enterprises under the scheme for the bank people, according to their needs, gives loans of up to Rs one crore. Inte.Continue reading

Banks to disburse Rs 1.22 lakh crore under PM Mudra Yojana by end of this fiscal

Prime exchange scheme was launched on Friday mega credit campaign. On this occasion, the Finance Minister said that the scheme until the end of the current fiscal year lending target of 1.22 lakh crore has been fixed. A week-long campaign in the small and micro units (SMEs) will be loaned. 24,000 crore have been issued loans Punjab National Bank (PNB), a program launched during the campaign, he said that so far 37 million businesses under the scheme a loan of Rs 24,000 crore have been issued.Continue reading

IPO's of four SME to be listed in exchange

At the end of this month, four SME companies are bringing their IPOs. Four companies aiming to raise Rs 16 crore from the market is. In exchange listed companies will try to make myself through it. Large bearings, Vekson automobiles and Bella Casa fashion and retail with its IPO on 28 September will be. Ahimsa Industries is bringing its IPO on 24 September. Three of the four companies will be listed on the BSE's dedicated platform, the violence Industries to list on the NSE platform emerge. L.Continue reading

BSE SME Index surges 5.60%, Sensex down 0.45% in September

SME sector is growing investor confidence now. So far this year, stock market returns in the SME sector is significantly better than the market's top companies. The top 30 companies in the month of September, the market index Sensex investors negative returns of 0.43 per cent. The BSE SME index won 5.60 percent of the investors have poured big returns. SME experts with knowledge of the index show that increasing investor confidence in the domestic economy and government policies of Doing Doing o.Continue reading

Bank of Maharashtra Launches MUDRA CARD

Bank of Maharashtra today's leading public sector micro and small enterprises (MSEs) to meet the requirements of the loan currency card launched. Bank on the 81st Raising Day, Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) S Muhnot launch it. Silver debit cards issued as currency card is a flexible loan product whereby MSE will complete the working capital requirements. Additionally, they can withdraw cash from any ATM and POS machines can use store bought stuff. Narendra Modi non-manufacturing sector, .Continue reading

mudra bank will focus on small enterprenuers for the businee loan

Special Campaign for lending to small businesses, the government is being run. Jan Dhan scheme under which bank loans across the country will share camp. The loan money will be given through the bank's campaign. The special campaign will loan up to Rs 10 lakh. It will be up to Rs 50 to 60 per cent of the loan. The Kanpene shopper's government, unorganized trade, the SME sector will focus on lending to businesses.   The party will also campaign on According to sources, the Bihar polls tak.Continue reading

mudra will give upto 10 lakhs rupees loan to micro and small enterprises with cheaper rates

If you want to start a business in the capital of Rs.10 lakh, his full detail now will find a place. Currency Bank report projects that 27 businesses in which the process has been completed the project to start. So you start a business there will be a place for the planning of the business. Interest on the cheap money through the bank will get you a loan up to Rs 10 lakh. Currency Bank prepared DPR The recent launch of the currency bank has prepared a detailed project report of 27 small busi.Continue reading

SMEs raise Rs 113 cr through IPOs during April-July

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in terms of raising capital for the first four months of the current financial year are fantastic. SME Capital Markets listed 14 companies have raised Rs 113 crore through the public issue. In comparison, in the same period last year, 9 SME's initial public offerings (IPOs) were launched and succeeded in raising a total of Rs 90 crore. July 44 crore, Rs 39 crore mobilized in June According to data provided by SEBI in 5 SMEs July 44 crore raised through pub.Continue reading

The conversion of the present NBFC into the MUDRA Bank would take place through the Bill

Exchange bank by the Finance Ministry to give constitutional status to the bill in the next session will be put before Parliament. Development and refinance agency currently Prime Micro unit (currency) scheme is being operated as an NBFC. Parliament passed the Bill after the NBFC (Non Banking Financial Company) will be transformed into a full bank. Ministry of Finance on behalf of the bill will be introduced in next year's budget session. Bill will be increased and the role of the currency bank.Continue reading

mudra bank will offer simple loan process to small enterprises

Start small businesses or the expansion is the best chance. Recently created currency bank business loans up to Rs 50 thousand to the simple process framework is prepared. Simple Varifikeshn under a single page form filling can be borrowed. PM currency scheme will be placed in categories such loans infant. The business from the processing fee will be allowed to do any kind Kolatrl.   Single farm enough According to information from the Ministry of Finance made the loan form the infant ca.Continue reading

Ratan Tata invests in Infinite Analytics

Infinite magnate Ratan Tata has invested in analytics, working on the technology of the future will help the company expand its operations. The Ratan Tata has invested in a 12th start-up company. Infinite through a statement said that this round of funding Sixth Sense Nikhil Vora Ventures and existing investors as well as India's Silicon Valley investors participated. Company to fund appointments, expanding operations into new areas and will help to explore the possibilities. Tata Sons chairman.Continue reading

MFIs provided microcredit to over 3.11 Cr clients, an increase of 24%

Microfinance lending in India small institutions (MFIs) are expanding rapidly. MFI in the country with a network of 10 242 branches this year, about 3.11 million people, has little debt. Banking services to remote areas in the country, contributing to the expansion of MFIs has increased significantly. Such business people in an MFI are helped.   Microfinance Institutions Network (MFIN) quarterly report released by the MFI per micrometer NBFC-MFIs in the country has expanded rapidly. 52 NB.Continue reading

states supports the demand of SMEs

Now state governments with the central government under the credit linked capital subsidy scheme are small businesses get loans is proposed to increase the limit. SME organizations have been asking for it for a long time from the central government, but state governments to raise the issue with the central government after the SME organizations have morale booster. Under this scheme, the central government subsidy of 15 per cent on loans of up to Rs one crore offers. The Board raised the issu.Continue reading


PM currency under government lending to small businesses simply is trying to exercise. This places the government has decided disbursements took mega credit camp.   September 25 will camp Despite the popular and more people aware of this scheme and the September 25 to October 2 mega credit camps across the country, said.   'Category will focus on baby During the camp nurse to complete credit loan can be taken at least. The focus of the camp will focus on the exchange scheme infan.Continue reading

Mudra Bank disburses first loan, extends credit of Rs 35 cr to Satin Credit Care

Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) have been set up to help stimulate micro refinery units Development Agency (Amayudiara) currency bank has issued its first loan.   Satin Kraditkeyr had 35 million loan Currency bank loan of Rs 35 crore to Delhi satin Kraditkeyr Network Ltd. has released microfinance company. According to the company the loan will be used for lending to small businesses. Small businesses that offer personal loans of non-banking financial company satin Kraditkeyr.Continue reading

Loans under PMMY to double to over Rs 1 lakh cr by March

Ministry of Finance to meet the capital needs of the small businesses in the next 10 days, the prime currency plan (Pimmwai) is planning to launch. The disbursements for the government will undertake a month-long campaign. Government to small businesses during the current financial year (SMEs) with a doubled growth is expected to be disbursed loans of $ 1 trillion.   Debt will double from last year Financial Services Secretary Hasmukh Adhia said, we Pimmwai under the public sector banks,.Continue reading