Rs 5,000 crore will be spent on providing green cover to NH

Planting trees on either side of National Highway network in the next five years will be at least Rs 5,000 crore. The policy is created for the Green Highway, which was announced today. It will also increase the green cover in the country.   The Green Fund will Under this policy, the government of any highway a percent of the total project cost allocation is made binding for Plantenshn. NH to the edge of the plantation is a green fund.   One per cent of the total cost of the highw.Continue reading

FMCG consumer companies feel margin pressure as sluggish demand takes toll

Below average rainfall and slower income growth in rural areas can increase problems for consumer goods companies. Weak demand, companies are expected to impact on the second quarter results. Although the brokerage estimates that the third quarter is likely to see an increase in demand.   Increased pressure from below average rainfall This year's monsoon rains were below average. Being considered less than average rainfall impact on the purchasing power of the rural areas have seen. Slug.Continue reading

Let's get off the train at the SMS Information

Railway passenger amenities is taking several steps to improve. Passengers on the train to lie down on SMS Alert and railway station 4615 Water Vending Machine Head is set.   Manoj Sinha said in the Lok Sabha, Minister of State for Railways, the train began to lie down on the SMS notification service is being considered. Sinha dacoits and e-ticketing system is the increase in capacity of 7,200 tickets per minute and can be held. Earlier only 2,000 tickets per minute could be bookable. He .Continue reading

When and how to worship Shiva

Rahu is haunting, Marrakesh is running like suffer death, marriage may not be, get married and have difficulties in marriage, restless mind, the mental trouble, financial trouble, not getting respect in society so Shiva worship measures should be carried out, but when and how should worship Shiva, the less people know, many of us do not get the fruits of the Shiva worship. According to the Shiva Purana, Shiva-Parvati to Shiva accomplishment dialogue: - Lord Shiva Parwatiji said: - "Go sit in t.Continue reading

Why coil solder

Middle Snwadita potential bride and the groom to ensure their Kudli Match is an option. After marriage, the couple will affect each other. Once marriage should be for life thereafter their Kudli Jivnprnli affect their future. Coil solder each component has a certain number of points which are: Character with 1 point, Vaishya 2, day 3, 4 vulva, planet Friendship 5, the host 6, 7 and pulse Bkut has 8 points. The sum of all 36 digits. 36 gave 18 points to 50% is considered average and 28 points s.Continue reading

pepsi and cocacola Rajiv Dixit from the pen!

Prkrthy our country is so tasty and healthy drink are provided but still we get stuck in the cycle of advertising is to drink water mixed with poison! And consider yourself smart! Must Read! pepsi and cocacola Rajiv Dixit from the pen!   Most foreign companies are operating in India, he came to the United States is the second of them a name is the name of pepsi cola cocacola! What we coke pepsi Also tend to say is, soft drinks sold in India in the US monopoly of the two companies ,! |.Continue reading

What happens after death?

"Neither you nor the body you have this body. The body is made of five elements-the fire, water, air, earth and sky. One day, these five elements in the body disappears and the Bhagwat Gita, Lord Krishna has said that K'- What happens when the body is dissolved, then the person with the age-old question. In this regard, the veil of mystery is still intact in the mind of the masses, while a solution is found. Yet it is not considered legitimate science, it is a matter of religion. Mainly three .Continue reading

How to Determine icon

in fact, all the dev energy already in your body is different fixed cycle worship only universe you towing his strength in the body, increasing their power, so they are a force to be energy conscious and more activeTo know is to know about it by astrology icon can be Gemini Gemini formula creator Maharishi Atmkark planet in determining the role of the presiding deity of the most important is identified. According to Maharishi Gemini ascendant horoscope, lord, lord of the ascendant and ascendan.Continue reading

Half inch flexible leather tongue Brahmno Takuro Vaishyas

Half inch flexible leather tongue Brahmno Takuro Vaishyas and Varnwyvstha abuse does not seem to work whit, nobody can. But 2,500 years of the history of labor who do not want to look right.   I'd internalized 25-30 people meet more people read this article do not, nor do I have any ideological revolution will come from this article, nor Hindu nor a leave to fight the "Jai Bhim" gonna say your thinking will change. But those who for lack of information due to the staunch Varnwyvstha feel .Continue reading

Ray of light

Rohit was a student of eighth grade. He was very obedient, and was always ready to help others.Due to darkness, sees disturbing, how he makes his heart to overcome this problem. It says that when your parents or neighbors all do it rejected the government's negligence Prshasn.Rohit then one day a few months have passed such a long bit of nowhere and electric wire with bamboo and with the help of some friends in front of his home on him.Has Gadhkr started putting a bulb. When people saw the neigh.Continue reading

Where are the hidden powers!

Stay gods had once been discussed, was the subject of discussion wishes to meet every man's secret miraculous powers should be hidden. All gods were the very arguments. Not a god kept his and said it will put us in a wilderness cave. Correct told him no other god we will hide it on top of the mountain. The thing that God had been completed just a saying, "Neither we nor hide it somewhere in the cave at the top of the mountain we tend to hide in the depths of the sea that will remain the most app.Continue reading

Three master

Not too long ago, lived in a city, a hugely influential abbot. Many students came to them for education. One day a disciple questioned the abbot, "Swamiji, who is your master? What have you learned from the master? "Disciple Abbot smiled hear the question and said," My Thousand guru! If I leave then maybe months to let down their names reel. But I must tell you about my three Guruo.Was a thief. Was lost once and then drive away in a village was too late. All shops were closed and the house. But .Continue reading

Intimacy disobedience Bvet

Once Goswami Tulasidassji Bhagwat were discussing among scholars in Kashi. Only two people - who were from the village of Tulasidassji, there came. Then they both came to the Gangasnan. But Satsang Sabha and was Bhagavad conversationGoswami Tulsidas JiSo they sat there. Both of them recognized him. They began to talk among themselves. One said - "Hey! A. your Rambola. We played well. What is all things, and how deeply people are listening to the voice of God! What is this all about the affa.Continue reading

What will it?

A university professor gave his students an assignment. The theme Dharavi slum in Mumbai Kya Banenge Ye shall Yerhte What about boys 10 to 13 years old to study and review of their home and social circumstances in the future, they will also get an estimate.College student work took. Prishtbhumika slum house 200 children, mother-father's situation, lifestyle and educational level of its people, the consumption of alcohol and drugs, many points that were considered. Thereafter every boy heard the .Continue reading

Death Dealer

It is 1888, a man was reading a newspaper in the morning to get up, when suddenly his eye to a "mourning - Hindi word" lying. She was stunned to see him, because his name was written instead of dying. He was surprised and horrified to read a name for himself. He was not sure whether the newspaper about the death of his brother Ludwig Khus of providing the news of his death had been published. Well, he somehow stalked themselves, and thought, let's see what the reactions of the people who have ma.Continue reading

Four candles

Was night time, there was gloom all around, in a room, close the four candles were burning. Find solitude of heart today they were talking to each other.The first candle said, "I am peace, but I do not need me for this world, each side has resembled the scramble and fire and sword, I can not live here anymore. ... "And in saying that, while he was blown out the candle.The second candle said, "I am confident, and I think my between lies and fraud is no need here, I'm going from here ...", and the.Continue reading

Appropriate Time

Moon was the day. On the same day a man went to sea-bathing, but instead of a bath he was sitting.Someone asked, "Why are you sitting on the edge of the bath have come to? When will the shower?The man replied, "At the same time, the sea is rough. It contains high-high waves getting up; The waves will be closed when the appropriate time comes, then I'll take a bath. "Ask anyone who was laughing. He said, "gentlemen! Are you ever going to stop the waves of the sea? It will come. The sea-bathing th.Continue reading

Socrates and Mirror

Philosopher Socrates was Kurup in appearance. One day he was sitting alone in the hand mirror to see your face was.Socrates / SocratesThen his disciples came in the room; Socrates view mirror to see him felt something weird. He did not just put smile. Scholar to see it understood smile of Socrates disciple and later said, "I'm not understand the meaning of your smile ...... Maybe you're thinking like me Kurup man is watching the mirror?"The disciples said nothing, his head bowed in shame.Socrate.Continue reading

Four of the calculation

A long time ago, Chandnpur majestic king was great, far and discussion of his prosperity, his account of four annasThere was every kind of comfort in the castle but still inside his mind was restless. He wanted to know why that many astrologers and pundits, many scholars found, someone put the ring if someone else made the sacrifice, yet not far from King's sorrow, he found peace.Disguised as a day out on the promenade of the king and his kingdom. He passed through a farm near Gumte- wander, the.Continue reading

The price of degrees!

Russia's famous writer Leo tolstoy once their job Pdikis need to see a man with some friends, he also said that if any of their information if a person send.A few days later, someone sent to him by a friend. He was very educated and he had a variety certificates and degrees. That person did tolstoy, but despite all degrees tolstoy not hired him, but there was one other person to whom he had chosen such a degree .... Because I know? "Tolstoy said, "Friend, the person I have chosen him so invaluab.Continue reading