Letters to the arm

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was so panicky that Shaysta Aurangzeb Khan and Afzal Khan after he failed Agra Jaipur Maharaja Jai ​​Singh, whose name he is prepared to settle the Brglakr Shivaji captive or dead before it got going south .   Shivaji and Aurangzeb, caught in the web of a heroic war, first explain Hindu brother deemed appropriate. So a Persian scholar scribe will express their Maharaja Jai ​​Singh, the Persian language written as a letter. He learned.Continue reading

800 years of Muslim rule in India lies

800 years of Muslim rule in India lies In the 800 years Muslims ruled India. That sound is not the right of any introspection and observation, not history. Lets start with Muhammad bin Qasim. India was the first attack on Sindh in 711 AD by Muhammad bin. Raja Dahir full force and Muslims fought and succumbed to the deception of the victim received. The second attack occurred in 735 when the Rajputana Hzzat sending the army invaded the state of Bappa Rawal. Bappa Rawal Veer Muslims not only t.Continue reading

The first airplane was made in India!

If today someone asked who made the first aerial Jahaj? Then take the recycling we take a name and his name is recorded Write Brothers built invention | We've been reading it since childhood Disnbrsn 1903 US 17 at Carolina Beach Write Brothers flew the first airplane made Jahaj 120 fit and fell off | and then begins the story of Hawaii Jahaj | But still found the document and he explains it in 1903, several years before the 1895 scientist of our country a very large aircraft made aerial Jahaj .Continue reading

Which was the ancient religion of the Arabs?

Yeruslm (Ijhrail) which in Arabic "Bat al holy" That holy place is spoken. Christians, Jews and Muslims consider sacred place. Which is a library of 8 million dinars governor of the Turkish Sultan Abdul Hamid's name was erected. # The library has thousands of ancient Pandulippiya Sngrhit membranes of the camel, palm leaves, that were written on animal Cmdon. These include Arabic, Hebrew, Siriani, candy languages ​​written in different times, hundreds of samples. # The camel is a .Continue reading

On July 20 homage on the death anniversary of BK Dutt

April 8, 1929 in Delhi, Union Assembly (now the Parliament), Bhagat Singh and bombings against the dictatorship of the British state. Without harming the bombing was to promote Sirfapani thing. That day the British government to suppress the Indian freedom fighters from the Public Safety Bill and the Trade Disputes Bill was introduced, these people could not pass a vote of protest. For the sake of freedom BK Dutt, who spent 15 years behind bars in India employs free agents in a cigarette compan.Continue reading

Search of Truth

Guru Nanak and modern Sikh youth Hindu Sikh youth of today is very Mnbed Once this information should Pdni him -   Guru Gobind Singh Ji writes in his autobiography bizarre drama - Baba Nanak was born in Altar total. The text of the total was in the Vedas. Guru's an ancestor was pronounced Samaveda king of Ayodhya.   Guru Gobind Singh ji writes about himself in the Forms God says that we will have in the mass grave hell. We are the servants of the ultimate man who has come to .Continue reading

We'll stop killing cows after 70 years of independence

Many people are reluctant to believe that cow dung gas can be used as an alternative fuel. But Japan's Toyota company's fuel-cell car 'Mirai' can reverse the perception of people. The company, according to an add hydrogen car made from cow manure is moving. The company from the perspective of Earth Day promotion based on Mirai Toyota released the first episode of this series, which add to the car 'can work all the fuel. Through this add that it has been trying to prove how hydrogen gas from cow.Continue reading

Power of Meditation

Their feelings, such as attention-seeker on the path ahead is subtle. The sensational emotive them with subtlety silence and deep peace comes stability and therefore their experience even deeper, comprehensive, responsive and transparent move. Aviramta of Silence progressively be subtle consciousness is automatically unlocks new route. The truth is that perceptions inspire our conscience, published, promoted and have been repatriated. With the descent of the higher spiritual consciousness a uni.Continue reading