government has increased export incentives to cashews and ready-made garments

Government relief to exporters several products to enhance the incentive is approved. Many exporters are facing a slowdown in global demand are likely to benefit from it. The government has given relief to exporters whose products, cashew them, readymade garments, machinery, motorcycle parts, medical instruments, sports goods, products made from natural rubber, telecom, chemicals and plastics that are exporting. The demand has remained stable in the last 10 months. The government said that the.Continue reading

Indian firms must invest in African nations for growth resources says Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj

(South Sudan's foreign minister Benjamin Barnava haggard met Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj did.) Foreign Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said that Indian companies should invest in African countries, as it makes Resources and growth opportunities. It would be beneficial to both sides equally. African foreign ministers on Wednesday after meeting with Swaraj said that the continent's countries provide large opportunities for business and investment. . India and Africa to strength.Continue reading

MSMEs using thin steel coils hit hard by 20% safeguard duty

20 per cent safeguard duty on steel imposed by the central government for nearly 500 small and medium Intrpraiejej (MSMEs) have been affected. Industry body Federation of Indian Industries, said that nearly 500 small and medium companies use steel coils are in your Products. Federation of Industries of India general secretary HL Bhardwaj safeguard duty on steel imposed by the government will have an impact on industry.   He MSME industry that will have the effect of safeguard duty coil (2.Continue reading

African countries look at India with all hope after China's growth slows down

India and 54 African countries beginning today a four-day meeting of its kind between the world's emerging power is historic meeting. In addition to taking part in the summit of 40 African countries on major issues of mutual separate meetings with Prime Minister said. India recorded a growth rate more than China with African countries has become the center of attraction, the Minerals and Natural Resources, with its large numbers and vast African countries to India could be valuable and reliable .Continue reading

Anti dumping probe on jute products from Bangladesh Nepal

To protect domestic industry of jute products from Bangladesh and Nepal, the government is planning to impose anti-dumping duties. On first appearance in front of the government such cases, on which Andy dumping duty to the government's own assessments.   Directorate General of Anti-dumping and Allied duties (Dijiadi), the Indian Jute Mills Association (IJMA) at the request of the two neighboring countries have launched investigations of imports of jute products. Association of jute produ.Continue reading

PMO questions urgency in implementation of export subsidy scheme

Export subsidy scheme to be implemented immediately to differences in the PMO and the Ministry of Commerce. PMO commerce and industry ministry subsidy scheme for exporters questioned the proposal to re-apply. According to sources in the PMO question time to implement the plan by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has taken on, while the rupee has already weakened and interest rates have declined.   According to the proposal of the Ministry provided financial assistance to exporters pla.Continue reading

Govt hikes import duty on wheat to 25% to check imports

Government purchases of wheat from abroad to prevent the import duty is 25 per cent. It was 10 per cent. The government in the wake of the fall in wheat prices in the global market it is decided. The increase in import duty on March 31 by 2016, has been applied for. RBD palm stearin by the government, with methanol and sodium Methoksaid excise duty is removed.   This increase applies to March 31 The Finance Ministry said in a statement, & lsquo; international wheat prices fall and th.Continue reading

Trade Ministers to meet on 23 October ahead of India Africa Summit

India-Africa summit before October 23 trade ministers of India Africa (Aiattimm) will be meeting. The India-Africa summit that will discuss the issue and to increase mutual trade. Representatives of 54 African countries (nearly 40 heads) and powerful four-day India-Africa Summit October 26 to 29 African organizations will attend.   A senior commerce ministry official said before the summit Ministry of Commerce and Industry is organizing the fourth Aiattimm. This partnership with African c.Continue reading

US conduct first time road show in India to attract Indian investor

Indian investors to attract US for the first time in India, is organizing road shows. This is the first time the US has been in India for investment roadshow. The US Department of Commerce under the roadshow organized Yuesaprogram select 13 to 16 October in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata will be. Kolkata stage roadshow held Friday in Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be.   What roadshow Investment in each roadshow visas, legal and financial issues, investment incentives fr.Continue reading

On the back of cheap labor could surpass China India Arun Jaitley

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley are upbeat about the growth of the manufacturing sector. The sector's growth to accelerate in the coming days, interest rates are expected to moderate. On Friday, his enthusiasm was the seventh heaven when he said India's cheap labor costs and products that can compete with China on the strength of competitive pricing. In addition to cheap labor, he has many reasons, which India could overtake its neighbor country.   Labor costs in China have risen, India red.Continue reading

Foreign exchange reserves declined to $ 18.76 million

The country's foreign exchange reserves in the week ended July 31 came in at 18.76 million, down 353.46 billion. Earlier in the week ended July 24 rose to $ 32.17 million was 353.65 billion.   According to data released by the Reserve Bank during the week ended July 31. The largest component of the foreign exchange reserves increased by $ 63 million, with foreign currency assets reached 329.87 billion.   The gold reserves fell to $ 82.42 billion and 19.07 billion against earlier Rs.Continue reading

Exporters are giving consideration to the interest Sbvensn

Exporters of various sectors providing loans at concessional rates to the government is considering the proposal. This information was given in Parliament on Friday.   Commerce and Industry Minister, said in a written reply in the Lok Sabha, Nirmala Sitarmn 31 March 2014. Interest Sbvensn scheme was available. Interest in various sectors providing Sbvensn scheme proposal again the government is still considering.   Exporters under the scheme to get bank loans at affordable rates. E.Continue reading

India-China trade deficit increased to between $ 8 billion was

India's trade deficit with China increased during April-May in the financial year 2015-16 is $ 8 billion. In 2014-15, the trade deficit rose to $ 48.47 billion, which in 2014-15 was 36.2 billion dollars.   Commerce Minister Nirmala Sitarmn in the Lok Sabha in a written reply to a question, the trade deficit with China increased mainly due to China, India has exported huge amounts of manufactured goods. India's telecom and power sector demand for goods manufactured in China grew rapidly. O.Continue reading

The company will also invest in Pakistan India FDI proposal was approved by FIPB

Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) of Pakistan imported from a company in India, Dubai and other countries have been brought to the finished carpet is allowed to start the business.   Commerce and Industry Minister, said in a written reply in the Lok Sabha, Nirmala Sitarmn However, RBI says Pakistan yet aware of any such investment is not available.   The FIPB meeting on April 9 to 60 lakh Mahm Nayyar and Sahar Nayyar FDI proposal is approved. Under this proposal, the compan.Continue reading

15 States prepared Export Strategy five states passed SEZ Act

Commerce Minister Nirmala Simarmn Trade Development and Promotion said that the government has created a council. National Foreign Trade Policy and states to boost exports and create synergies between the export strategy the government has taken the initiative. The government's initiative so far, 15 states have set up Export Strategy. Export Commissioners are appointed by the 22 states. Meanwhile, Gujarat, Haryana SEZ X in Paris, including the five states have their own state.   In a writ.Continue reading

Narendra Modi biggest trading partner the EU invited

India's largest trading partner, the European Union Minister Narendra Modi India-EU Summit is invited. The G-20 summit meeting in Turkey in November will be immediately before or after. This information was given by Minister of State VK Singh.   With 28 countries, the EU's powerful economic block India's two-way trade in 2013-14 was $ 101.5 billion. Between May 2015 to April 2012, EU FDI into India Inflo 24 913 million to equity. In 2014-15, Rs 8207 million and in 2013-14 it was $ 9069 mi.Continue reading

GVK on drugs EU ban on India trade pact talks delayed

European Union (EU) GVK Biosciences in India clinically tested 700 to suspend the sale of drugs, the Government has given a strong response. The Indian government's tough stance on adopting a bilateral trade pact with EU has postponed the negotiations.   Through a statement by the Ministry of Commerce, said, "The Government of India now, India-EU Investment and Trade Agreement negotiations Brodbesd decided to avoid." The statement by the Government of India in Hyderabad, GVK Biosciences c.Continue reading

US will again benefit Indian Exporters duty

US Generalized System of the Prifrenses (GSP), a program under which Indian exports to the US has the advantage of Kanseshnl duty, have to apply again. The Indian Exporters will benefit.   Exporters body FIEO said on Tuesday that the move to the US, the export will increase by 13 per cent of India's total exports. Indian products will be competitive in the US market now.   US household sector's move as textile, gems and jewelery and chemicals will benefit immensely.   US GSP.Continue reading

Pakistan 3-year multiple entry visa will Businessman

Financial strength and reliability of Pakistani businessmen will be for three years multiple entry business visa. This information was given in Lok Sabha on Tuesday.   Interior Minister Kiran Rijiju the government on July 7 for a three-year multiple entry business visa to Pakistani businessmen to issue advisories have been issued.   Rijiju said Nepal, Bhutan and Pakistan nationals except citizens of SAARC countries as per their need a business visa for five years or for a shorter p.Continue reading

Gold imports increased 61% from a cheap boom

Gold imports into the country during the first two months of fiscal 2015-16, about 61 per cent to 155 tonnes. According to official information, the fall in prices in the global market and the Reserve Bank eased restrictions on the import of gold was mainly due to a rise in imports. In the last financial year 2014-15, 96 tonnes of gold imports during April-May in the last few months, gold business Thakantrrashtryy market remains sluggish.   Gold prices in New York on Friday at $ 1095.10 p.Continue reading