Centre failed to clear its stand on National Policy for Farmers, 2007

The Supreme Court on Friday imposed a fine of Rs 25,000 on the Centre. National Policy for Farmers Court steps, the 2007 review by the Centre and made its stand clear failing. Additional Solicitor General Court rejected the plea that the leave of Pinky Anand & zwj; Ttiaon the affidavit is not filed. The bench further hearing in the matter is scheduled for January 15, the center then prepared to take his side to clean.   Suicide drawbacks of the policy: HC Earlier, the Supreme Court i.Continue reading

Moody's to PM Narendra Modi: Rein in members or risk losing credibility

Global rating agency Moody's has warned the Prime Minister on issues like beef. Moody's said that if Modi BJP's controversial statements contain not impose their partners, India may lose credibility domestically and globally.   Reforms will be difficult to pass the bill Moody's analysts said in a report that the Indian outlook Potenshiylshirshk searching for India to achieve its goal of development must meet the promise of reforms. Sat & zwj; Tadhari majority and opposition BJP in Ra.Continue reading

PM Modi dives into India's bureaucracy to revive stalled prjects of $60 billio

To work out the bugs of stalled infrastructure projects, the government of Prime Minister has been successful to a great extent. Top bureaucrats are meeting with the Prime Minister every month and are trying to determine why the work of the stalled projects & zwj; s not have been launched. He also started the initiative in March. The result is that & zwj; From March to September, nearly 60 billion dollars spent on the Central and State level projects & zwj; Finalists are clear. Meet.Continue reading

Under this scheme, 45 stations will also covered for e-catering service

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) passengers largest gift in the festive season. IRCTC also mail-express trains, 45 stations and in 1516 announced it is launching facility. Yet this facility as a pilot project in 28 trains were running.   Food can be booked by visiting the website Railways IRCTC's catering service observer Service to track their food on several major stations have announced to start. The plan was good response from passengers. It is now being expand.Continue reading

Report said that States need to consolidate their fiscal position and generate more non-tax revenues

Many states have gained the path of reform, but the pace is very slow. Especially State & zwj; s to strengthen its economic position of non Tac & zwj; s Reven & zwj; u will increase. Brickwork ratings issued by credit rating agency to establish & zwj; it was stated in the State Finance Handbook -2015. Reform in these sectors start Reports show that most states & zwj; the power, Urban Development, Tac & zwj; op and has begun the process of reform in terms of governance.Continue reading

The new airport will be constructed in Mopa village

The new greenfield airport in Goa government on Wednesday approved the creation. The new airport, 30 km from Panaji, North Goa village built in Mopa. The new airport will cost Rs 3,000 crore.   The environment ministry has given clearance by your side for the new airport. The Government on the highway to the new airport road network is said to prepare.   The new airport will be completed by 2045 in the four-phase. Goa's tourism business becoming the new airport is expected to rise .Continue reading

The new airport will be constructed in Mopa village

The new greenfield airport in Goa government on Wednesday approved the creation. The new airport, 30 km from Panaji, North Goa village built in Mopa. The new airport will cost Rs 3,000 crore. The environment ministry has given clearance by your side for the new airport. The Government on the highway to the new airport road network is said to prepare. The new airport will be completed by 2045 in the four-phase. Goa's tourism business becoming the new airport is expected to rise significantly. .Continue reading

Competition Commission imposes Rs 666 cr penalty on Jaiprakash Associates for unfair business practices in real estate space

Kanptishn Commission of India (CCI) on JP Associates unfair business in the real estate sector in terms of a fine of Rs 666 crore, rejected the decision. CCI on the basis of a majority decision dismissed. In this case, two members of the CCI on JP Associates were in favor of a fine of Rs 666 crore. Despite this agreement, all members of the real estate sector Boyrrs asked to solve the problems as soon as possible. The Commission has asked the Jaypee Group and other companies that they own our B.Continue reading

Most Indian insurance companies expect to increase their IT budgets in 2016, and are expected to spend 140.8 billion rupees

Most insurance companies doing business in the country have begun to focus more on online business. For this, the companies are planning to increase IT budgets in a year. This information is given in a report released by Gartner. According to the report, in 2016 the IT product and service at Insurance companies will invest Rs 14 080 million from the 2015 budget is 9.6 per cent. The internal IT companies, hardware, software, external IT services and Tele Communication will spend. According to h.Continue reading

Income Tax department has asked its customer care centres to effectively monitor email-based complaints of assesses

So tax payers will get complaints resolved soon. Income Tax Department's Customer Care Centre by e-mail to expedite the process of resolving these complaints is ordered. The department said in its order that the complaint to the early settlement sending it to the tax office. The move comes after the Department, the Department of the Finance Minister on Tuesday launched two new schemes. In order to contact the center by e-mail all new income tax charge will send complaints to the range, which w.Continue reading

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg began his India trip with Taj Mahal

The world's largest social networking site Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg visited India early Tuesday Tajmhaz city of Agra. After the appearance of the Taj Mahal on his Facebook account its praise. Zuckerberg and close relations with the fact that India wants. He can also meet the Prime Minister. Both are fans of each other.   Zuckerberg want better ties with India Zuckerberg's visit aimed to improve relations with India. Last week the Prime Minister's office had Zuckerberg during his .Continue reading

possible revenue loss before providing greater tax incentives to the National Pension System

The government made it clear that the national pension system before tax due to the revenue loss will assess. Finance Minister Jayant Sinha, indicating that the government will have to assess how much damage it would give tax benefits to NPS.   EEE tax regime, the tax saving scheme of the Government which is the better investment is to get the discount, as well as returns on the benefits of the scheme.   ULIP scheme, pension plan and the National Pension Scheme applies to. Sinha sa.Continue reading

The study highlights the recent's increase and deepening of ties

India-Africa Forum Summit on Tuesday on the occasion of the Export-Import Bank (Exim Bank) Focus Africa seminar organized by name. On this occasion, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley Trade Relations With India's Exim Bank study-Anhasing Africa: A Brief Analysis of the release. Africa-India trade grew to $ 75 billion in 2014 The study has been reported in recent years of how economic and cultural relations between India and Africa has increased considerably. As a result, in 2004 the trade between t.Continue reading

Govt likely to launch gold scheme on or before Nov 9, to decide interest rates in 7-10 days

Gold monetization of government bonds and gold scheme may be launched on or before November 9. Gold schemes announced the interest rate will be 7 to 10 days. Finance Ministry officials have said. The gold bonds used as collateral for a loan can be. Gold monetization scheme, according to sources at 2 to 2.5 per cent interest rate can be fixed.   Finance Ministry official said gold bonds will be issued in several parts. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the government will issue gold bonds. .Continue reading

Railway will use this fund to enhance construction of new lines

Indian Railways to complete the 50 projects, LIC is the first installment of two thousand million. LIC with the help of several pending railway projects will help to meet. These include new rail track laying and electrification of the track.   MoU with LIC's railways Railways in March this year, LIC had signed, under which the insurance company throughout the year will help railways 1.5 trillion. Repayment of the loan against the railways in five years, will help. Railway Finance Corpora.Continue reading

DoD wants PSU stake sale target to be more than halved

Dish for government investment is becoming more difficult to achieve the target. Given the current fiscal 2015-16 for the Department of Disinvestment target reduced to less than half is finalized. The department of disinvestment target of Rs 30,000 crore now is going to. Yet this target is Rs 69,500. It is believed that the government stake is a major PSU. The goal is to put 69,500 crore 69,500 crore from disinvestment in the current fiscal, the government had targeted. Of this, Rs 41,000 cror.Continue reading

7.7 magnitude earthquake hits northern Pakistan, Delhi-NCR also felt tremor

Monday's earthquake was massive destruction in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Nearly 135 people were killed in the two countries. Also in the entire North India including Delhi-NCR earthquake tremors were felt sharp. The intensity of the earthquake was estimated to be 7.7 on the Richter scale. The epicenter of Afghanistan's Hindukush mountain being told. Earthquake afternoon came around 2.40 pm. Due to the earthquake in Pakistan killed nearly 135 people and a large number of people are reported inju.Continue reading

It has projected higher growth rate reason for this too

Given the potential growth rate of the growth in oil consumption in the next 18 months will see a rise. Ratings agency Moody's has revealed in a report. According to the report, economic growth rate of 7 percent in the fiscal year and the next year it is expected to be 7.5 per cent is expected. Because of this strong increase in oil consumption in the country. Oil consumption will increase due to lower prices, which is quite expected. Refined petroleum product demand is growing at an annual ra.Continue reading

One-Rank-One-Pension scheme for Defence personnel will be notified

The government is going to give ex Diwali gift. Several years after the Bihar Assembly polls held up one rank one pension will be applied. The government will notify the scheme after the elections. This information was given by Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar Monday. Earlier, the government and former soldiers had tried to reach a consensus on several issues. July, this scheme will come into effect from 2014 Last month, the government had announced that one rank one pension scheme July, will.Continue reading

Food Ministry seeks fund worth Rs 72000 cr for FCI

Food Ministry Food Corporation of India to the government's second supplementary demands for grants for the project has sought Rs 72,000 crore. By the end of the current financial year 2015-16 by the Ministry of the March 2016, the grant is sought. The information ministry official said.   The second supplementary demand for grants by the Ministry tabled in the winter session of Parliament starting in November, which is likely to be. The state-owned Food Corporation of India (FCI) by the .Continue reading