Books by those who erected 12 033 crore business company

The e-commerce company Flipkart and Sellers Products with millions of users to online shopping and selling. 1.91 billion (12 033 million) of the company has become Flipkart Getting here is quite interesting back story. You'd be surprised to know that such a big company standing behind the arm of a big business, but also to the business of selling books ever two people who have stood it in their work. Let us get to know the company's full journey   There remains Flipkart Sachin Bansal and.Continue reading

Amazon opened its third customer service center in Pune India

Global e-commerce company Amazon said Thursday that its third customer service center in India opened in Pune. It aims to improve the country's online shopping experience for their customers.   Amazon in 2005, its first customer service center was set up in Hyderabad. The second center was established in the city last year. Amazon said in a statement that the center through different such as e-mail, chat, phone and through social media and will provide pre- and post-o.Continue reading

Snapdeal in three years on R & D will cost $ 10 million

E-commerce company Snapdeal Research and Development (R & D) over the next three years, $ 10 million (Rs 640 crore) will be spent.   Snapdeal a center in Bangalore has established the image of the multimedia and new technologies is planning to invest heavily in the coming quarters. Snapdeal Anand Chandrasekaran, chief product officer, said that our focus is on building in-house Technology Solutions. We have $ 10 million over the next three years, the amount of R & D spending plans.Continue reading

Now here at Snapdeal Two Wheeler Insurance

Now the two-wheeler insurance will Snapdeal. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company is teaming up with Snapdeal. Large numbers of people are shopping online marketplace via motorcycle. The company is launching the service for those. Snapdeal the past 6 months has sold more than 1.80 million Motorcycles. This shows that the bike is growing popularity of online portals for shopping.   Bajaj Allianz General Insurance managing director and CEO Tapan Singhal said, the company in partnership w.Continue reading

Snapdeal mobilize Alibaba Softbank and $ 50 million from Foxconn

Online business-to-one Indian company Snapdeal Investors Group, which China's Alibaba, Softbank and Foxconn, including the amount of $ 50 million is in talks to raise.   According to sources, this fresh phase of funding will be announced in the next few weeks. The new value of Snapdeal after fresh phase will be about $ 4-5 billion.   Yet Snapdeal Investors has raised the amount of one billion dollars. The telecom company Softbank of Japan ($ 62.7 million or Rs 3762 crore) and forme.Continue reading

HDFC Bank has launched Snapdeal Branded Credit Card

E-commerce company Snapdeal and Private Bank, HDFC Bank, to jointly-branded Visa credit card is launched. HDFC Bank said in a statement that the tier-2 and -3 cities tier e-commerce for customers who want to promote digital payment.   How will the credit card Snapdeal said in a statement that the application process for the card is quite easy and fast. Customers who would like to apply for the card Snapdeal website, mobile site and mobile app can go on. Application forms will be filling .Continue reading

These are e-commerce companies 5 innovative IDEA

Its innovative ideas and desire to do something different out in the e-commerce industry every day something new is happening. Flipkart, Snapdeal and e-commerce companies like Amazon continuously expand its customer base and boost sales is to find new ways. Sometimes these companies are launching new features on its mobile applications sometimes unique way of product delivery set up.   Now through the second product to Image Search Flipkart has launched a new feature on its mobile app. F.Continue reading

These 4 simple ways to start your business on the Amazon customers receive millions

E-commerce website shopping trend is growing rapidly in India. The buyers got the new platform, as well as small and large sellers have found new channels to sell their products. Amazon's online store in India are 2.5 million products. However, currently selling more than a million different products and sellers are doing business with Amazon. The Sellers will not only increase the chance of getting your business online, but also technology, logistics and getting benefit from secure payment. Ama.Continue reading

E-commerce startup to be successful then it will be effective manner

India's e-commerce business is growing rapidly. Many new IT start-up e-commerce platform to expand their business by taking advantage of pursuing. E-commerce and mobile app-based start-up companies, usually to meet its capital requirements are dependent on Vancr Capitol. Hence, the valuation of these companies is also growing. Let's take a look at the measures that caused the e-commerce start-ups can become profitable.   Many more possibilities in this sector Experts believe that the Ind.Continue reading

E-commerce Companies and the start-ups they will hold the IPO Yasir

Capital market regulator Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) Chairman UK Sinha indicated that e-commerce companies and start-ups in the coming days for the IPO has liberalized the rules may be. Sinha said on Friday during a Press Conference in the next three to four months to clear his stand on the issue, the regulator said. It is believed that the e Korms companies and start-ups can relax in the SEBI regulations.   E-commerce companies demand E-commerce companies demand that busin.Continue reading

Snapdeal bought a stake in the dot com Rupeepavar

Financial Services segment e-commerce company to hit the maximum stake in Snapdeal is the Rupeepavar dot com. With this deal Snapdeal first e-commerce company has become the financial services segment, will work. Consumer loan at the beginning, the company will pay, but later it will start services. Rupeepavar reach borrowers in financial institutions is an online platform. Through this platform loan of Rs 1,500 crore in 2014-15 fiscal year were distributed. The company has tied up with 12 bank.Continue reading

E-commerce is giving small businesses the opportunity to increase business

E-commerce companies this year employing people at large as well as small businesses, will also work to train. In addition, vendors are also being provided capital assistance so that it can expand its business. Home seller of products through these steps, Aparels, mobile accessories and appliances sector as businesses get a chance to connect with e-commerce. Additionally, many employment opportunities in this sector will be. Anyway Flipkart recently employs 20 lakh people had spoken about. Co-ye.Continue reading

E-commerce business is to give a chance to enhance air cargo industry will boost the supply of the product

Air cargo industry in India growing e-commerce business is to give a chance to expand their businesses. Airlines companies to take advantage of e-commerce shopping wants to increase its cargo service. Jet Airways Jet Airways Cargo recently under the name he dedicated Frent operation will start in April. According to the company, demand in India due to the growing e-commerce company intends to increase its cargo operations. The industry believes that it will pick up clients in the delivery. &nbs.Continue reading

Get Home and Auto with shopping on Snapdeal LOAN

E-commerce companies Extending your customers on your site are working on providing solutions for each type. Under this approach, ranging from electronic products to apparel shopping websites now offering home, auto and personal loans will also service. Moreover, the e-commerce site through the credit card can be made. The use of this loan service with the buyers can SUPPLIERS. It also has launched an e-commerce company Snapdeal.   Snapdeal the Financial Services segment to hit the maximu.Continue reading

Alibaba e-commerce companies to invest in India

Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba large customer base and merchant network, Indian e-commerce companies have been considering the possibility of acquisitions. In addition the company to expand its products and services to those companies, is working on a plan to buy, which may be helpful in connecting with their customers.   Alibaba spokesman said the company's investment strategy is to take the three aspects of the business. The increasing number of customers and connecting customers to.Continue reading

Capitalize on e-commerce engaged in railway 5 thousand crore earnings estimates

To capitalize on e-commerce boom Railway your parcel is betting big on service. Railways to increase earnings from parcel with online retailers have decided to increase participation. It is estimated that in the next three years, from Rs 2,100 crore to Rs 5,000 crore railway parcel could reach. Such e-commerce may be helpful in removing the collapse of the railway.   Railway sources said that e-commerce is working on a specific plan for the railways. Under which the Amazon, Flipkart, like.Continue reading

Snapdeal bought the freecharge consisting of the largest M- Commerce Players

E-commerce company Snapdeal Wednesday recharge mobile commerce company has acquired Fricharj. It is believed that the Indian Internet industry is one of the largest takeovers. Snapdeal after the deal has become India's largest mobile commerce. Snapdeal customers shopping and services such as financial services, mobile recharge and utility bill payment facility. However, even after the acquisition Fricharj will function as an independent platform.   The acquisition was announced before the.Continue reading

After Snapdeal Fricharj why he bought?

E-commerce company Snapdeal Wednesday recharge mobile commerce company has acquired Fricharj. It is believed that the Indian Internet industry is one of the largest takeovers. After the deal Snapdeal and Fricharj together India's biggest mobile commerce players have become.   Snapdeal customers shopping and services such as financial services, mobile recharge and utility bill payment facility. Perhaps that is why the Fricharj bought Snapdeal.   Snapdeal the Fricharj why did you buy.Continue reading

E-commerce companies will Engineers in fat salary a great opportunity for Startups

E-commerce companies focus service improvement, accelerating the delivery process and on mobile applications is increasing. The companies, especially those making mobile applications (start-ups) and mobile technology linked Engineers are engaged in connecting with at any cost. Companies in terms of mobile technology to improve ourselves is higher talent.   Recruitment agencies say that e-commerce companies have recently raised massive funding. Companies use the funding to appoint people f.Continue reading

Net Nutraliti Social media Leaning forward FLIPKART Airtel Zero broken ties

Social media freedom on the Net Nutraliti the Net campaign has paid off for the run. Given the outrage of Internet users, e-commerce company Flipkart broke with Airtel is zero. Social media protest in support of the Net Nutraliti Flipkart has taken this step. Flipkart tell the last days of a special deal with Bharti Airtel said. The Airtel Zero platform Flipkart was provision of little significance to the app. The deal is believed to be a violation of the rules of the net Nutraliti.   Fli.Continue reading