Gold prices plunge Rs 245 to 2 week low of Rs 26,830

Bullion Market, gold fell for a second day on Friday's. Gold down by Rs 245 to Rs 26,830 per ten gram is reached. The decline of gold has reached its lowest level in two weeks.   The sharp drop in silver Silver bullion market also recorded a sharp decline. Silver broke the 37,000 level. Rs 735 per kg of silver bullion market declined, which is 36630 rupees per kg.   Fed raising interest rates signal the decline The US central bank Federal Reserve to raise interest rates until Dec.Continue reading

Gold and silver at three months low

International commodity markets were weak in the domestic market pressure on gold and silver prices is being witnessed. MCX gold and silver by Rs 35 to Rs 70 is dropped.   Gold and silver prices in the international market continues to decline. In December, the US central bank Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, gold prices Comaks feared has come to three-week lows. With crude prices have continued to sell from the upper level. Prices slipped below $ 46 a barrel on Nymex is.   .Continue reading

Gold held near its lowest in three weeks on Friday

Gold and silver prices in the international market continues to decline. In December, the US central bank Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, gold prices Comaks feared has come to three-week lows. With crude prices have continued to sell from the upper level. Prices slipped below $ 46 a barrel on Nymex is.   This week, gold lost 1.5 per cent Gold prices in the international market continues to pressure. Comaks ounce of gold touched the 1145, which is the lowest level since Oct. 9. A.Continue reading

Gold to trade back down below USD 1,100 per ounce: GFMS Gold Survey

Since Diwali is likely to see a sharp drop in gold prices. The signals due to the international and domestic prices fell by Rs 2,000 to Rs 25,200 is expected. GFMS Gold Survey 2015, released recently in the global market price of gold fell $ 75 to $ 1,100 per ounce by December can reach. The report said that while the increase in US rates and the timing is not clear, then the prices will come under pressure. All these negative signals will also look at the domestic market.   Why will gold.Continue reading

Gold prices surge by Rs 155 to Rs 27,265 on strong global indicators

Bullion Market, gold gained for a second day today. Gold bullion market today surged by Rs 155 recorded. Rs 27 265 to Rs 155 per ten grams of gold lead is reached.   Silver also bullish trend Even today in silver with gold gained Rs 225 per kilo was. Silver Rs 37 350 to Rs 225 per kg has been.   Before the Fed meeting, gold prices Bullion traders said the US central bank Federal Reserve on interest rates tonight before the decision in the international market has seen a rise in g.Continue reading

India pip China to gain top spot in gold consumption worldwide

Worldwide consumption of gold in India has achieved the first place. Research house GFMS released the report during the first nine months of 2015, total gold consumption in India recorded 642 tons, 579 tons of gold consumption in China is the only.   Consumption in the quarter record During the July-September quarter gold consumption for jewelery in the country grew by around 5 per cent, and the consumption is approximately 193 tonnes of gold. After the first quarter of 2011, consumption.Continue reading

Crude Oil prices fell on Tuesday

The decline in commodity prices in the international market continues. On Nymex crude fell below $ 44 and Brent crude is trading below $ 48. However, business is dull gold in the international market. Federal Reserve meeting on interest rates before the pressure on the commodity markets.   All signals on the domestic market is seeing. MCX Gold is trading with a marginal gain of Rs. While crude prices have declined by Rs 25.   The sharp fall in crude US crude stocks for the third c.Continue reading

Sensex up 2.29 percent and Gold up 4.10 percent in last one year

Delivering negative returns for the past two years, gold has now left behind in the race to return to the index. Sensex in the past year where investors returns of 2.29 percent. However, the return of gold is 4.10 percent.   Fed likely to raise interest rates low and festive, marriage season demand in the domestic gold prices in the bullion market have risen. FII selling record in August and September was a decline in the Sensex. The index has now recovered from a low of about 9 per cent..Continue reading

Gold prices fall to Rs 27070, slide Rs 265 in three days on weak global cues

Gold prices in the international market because of the pressure on gold prices in India is seeing. On Monday, gold fell by Rs 20 to Rs 27070 per ten grams touched. This is the third consecutive day decline in gold prices. Gold became cheaper by Rs 265 in three days.   According to gold traders, gold prices in the international market is seeing. The pressure on prices is weak demand. Fell 0.2 percent to $ 1162.25 an ounce of gold in the international market has reached levels.   Gol.Continue reading

MCX gas mentha oil cardamom open down

Interest rates fall in China's impact on the commodity market is seeing.   Gold and silver are traded in the international market is sluggish. However, seeing is pressure on crude prices. These negative signs on the domestic market is the trick.   MCX gold and silver 6 Rs 25 crore has declined. Crude last season in the domestic market is only open on the lower level. Also other metals are seeing strong light.   In the international market in gold and silver marginally Gold .Continue reading

Gold prices fell Rs160 to Rs27,090 per 10 grams in Delhi bullion market

Gold and silver prices in the international market led to decline, the domestic market has seen.   Last week, gold bullion market and 27 090 rupees to 160 rupees is cheap. However, silver declined by Rs 37 050 to Rs 250 da has been.   Fall far short of international markets Last week, the festival demand remain lower than the international market in the domestic market has declined. Gold in the international market fell by more than one per cent, 0.6 per cent in the bullion market.Continue reading

Gold prices slashed to Rs 27090, silver dips to Rs 37,050

Weak global cues and decline in domestic demand continued to decline for the second day is the gold-silver. Gold down by Rs 110 per 27 090 in the capital has reached 10 grams.   While silver is on decline. Bulliam market today, silver declined by Rs 235 per kg. The current price of silver fell by Rs 37 050 to Rs 235 per kg is reached.   Why did the fall in gold and silver According to traders, gold and silver metal prices and declining demand due to the pressure to be declining in.Continue reading

Traders said easing demand from jewellers and retailers following the end of the auspicious Navratra festival mainly led to the decline in gold prices

The festive season is seeing a steady decline in gold prices, while silver remains bullish trend. Meanwhile, gold is well positioned in the global market.   Bullion market gold prices on Friday fell by Rs 135 to Rs 27,200 per ten grams, come on. After the Navratri because it did not demand from traders. Also in London on Thursday to $ 1162.50 an ounce of gold was down to its lowest level in over a week. Dussehra holiday on the Friday's impact was seen on the bullion market opening.  .Continue reading

Gold prices under pressure in international mkt but gains ground in India

Gold and silver in the international market has tumbled again, but demand is expected to grow in the domestic market, prices have climbed.   MCX Gold rose by Rs 30 to Rs 70 and silver is trading. Meanwhile, crude prices continue to decline. Nymex crude-half percent and Brent crude is seeing a quarter per cent. Gold: International market dropped in the domestic market rose Dollar weakness was due to a rise in gold, but now seems to be little pressure from upper levels. Comaks fell 0.10 .Continue reading

Gold prices up to Rs 27230, silver falls to Rs 37,075

estive season demand for gold recovery of 80 rupees recorded. Bullion Market, gold rose by Rs 80 per 10 grams reached 27 230, while silver remains down. Bullion Market, silver dropped by Rs 25 per kg is 37 075.   Why did Recovery According to traders, the prices of festive and marriage season demand is expected to climb. Therefore, continuing investment demand in the short term prices may rise.   Prices per cent in three months Bullion market gold price per gram on August 6 was 2.Continue reading

Gold prices nosedive below Rs 27,000, crude also faces pressure

Gold and silver prices of crude in the international market and are seeing again is selling. Comaks gold is trading with a decline for the fourth consecutive day.   Meanwhile, Nymex crude on Monday after sharp fall today is showing slight recovery. These Skanton the domestic market is also on the move. MCX gold and silver worth Rs 81 to Rs 82 is dropped.   Gold: MCX price came down to Rs 27,000 MCX gold and silver remains in the atmosphere for the second day of selling. October fu.Continue reading

Prices of gold, silver and crude fall chana hits lower circuit

The first trading session of the week with a fall in commodity market is trading. International market prices of gold and silver as well as crude is also seeing a sharp sell-off. Pressure is also being witnessed in the Agrikmoditi. Following measures taken by the government on NCDEX Chana prices lower circuit is laid out.   Commodity experts say that China's weak economic data, after seeing pressure on all commodities because China is the biggest consumer of the commodity.   In dom.Continue reading

Gold, silver prices plunge on weak demand

Low demand due to weak global cues and decline in gold and silver. Bullion Market, gold weakened by Rs 27 150 to Rs 100 per 10 grams is reached. The Silver also declined by Rs 200. Silver rose to Rs 200 per 37 100 per kg.   The decline in international markets Atnrarshtryy markets gold has declined by 0.5 per cent. In Singapore, gold prices reached 0.5 per cent to 1.171 per ounce. 0.9 ounce, while silver rose to 15.90 per cent. In the national capital, gold of 99.9 per cent to Rs 100 per.Continue reading

Gold and silver recovers on pick up in demand

Increased demand in the domestic market before Diwali Jewellers gold gained Rs 550 weekly.   Standard gold at the end of the week at Rs 27250 and Rs 27100 per ten grams gold Bitur arrived. However, there was no change in Guinea is eight grams, it is only at a price of 22400 rupees per ten grams.   Expensive silver was Rs 570 in domestic market Silver spot buying by the manufacturer of coin silver and silver futures Rs 575 to Rs 570, Rs 37300 and Rs 37 395 per kilogram reached. Coi.Continue reading

Price rise drought may lead to weak gold buy this festive season

Gold prices continued last few days increasingly likely to be pressure on demand during the festive season has become. According to experts, because of lingering monsoon Sentiments Deteriorated customer prices in rural areas away from the market is waiting to fall.   Prices rise with the onset of festive season Navratri in the country is considered the beginning of the festive season. Before the memorial service at many places in the country are putting new purchases. This market is expe.Continue reading