How to Lift a House

Lifting a house is not a task that should be entered into lightly. There are several things that can go wrong. Enlist the help of a lot of friends and even some professionals to help with the heavy equipment or specialized knowledge. The house must be level at all times as the smallest stress on the walls can cause cracks and wall, or ceiling failure. Disconnect All Utilities While some homeowners will still continue to live in the home while it is jacked up, it is not advisable. B.Continue reading

Building Lifting Technology

Roogha Building Lifting Works has the latest and best in structural lifting technology in their Unified Hydraulic Jacking System. The hydraulic jacking pump adjusts the pressure to the jacks so that the whole building will lift evenly without racking. This keeps the cracks in the drywall or plaster to a minimum and sometimes nonexistent. There are many scenarios where lifting your home can be a feasible option. Some of the most common examples are flooding, short basement/crawlspace, adding ano.Continue reading