Sharad overlooked new client acquisition across all products in the Consumer Bank

Citibank India Sharad Mohan has been appointed as the new head of retail. Autumn Bank's retail banking business will take. The client segment, branch and ATM distribution channel, wealth management and product transactions will.   Earlier, the bank's Sales and Distribution Head Mohan said. Autumn in the consumer-related products, such as all the cards, personal loans, mortgage and liability accounts were looking for. Gold City from 2006 to 2011 he served as Head of the Asia Pacific. Oct .Continue reading

The Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO) has started probing 10 companies

Serious Fraud Investigation Office in connection with the Bank of Baroda case against 10 companies have started investigation. Among the cases examined SFIO CVC, CBI and ED have started.   According to sources, SFIO in the case on misuse of the provisions of the Companies Act investigation is initiated against these companies. These companies allegedly wrongful transactions made money.   The investigation will take three months to complete and then will come up in the investigation.Continue reading

This LoC is for renovation/up-gradation of Bulawayo Thermal Power Plant

Export-Import Bank of India (Exim Bank), the Indian government ordered 8.7 million loan to the Government of Zimbabwe. Bulaveyo use of thermal power plant renovation / upgrade will be. In this regard, Zimbabwe's Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Anthony Cinamsa and Exim Bank Chairman and Managing Director on behalf of the LOC Agreement signed Yaduvendra Mathur. Zimbabwe has two LOC The LOC (line of credit) from the Exim Bank of Zimbabwe received a number of LOC agreement has tw.Continue reading

Yes Bank said it is the first bank to start operations in GIFT City by setting up an IBU (IFSC Banking Unit)

Yes Bank banking services in the private sector are Gujarat International Finance City (GIFT) in the International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) banking facility with a branch is opened. Yes Bank became the first bank to do so is a gift to the City.   In a regulatory filing to the BSE bank has told. After getting permission from the Reserve Bank, the bank said he has started this branch. IFSC is the branch of the transaction may be the only foreign currency. Savings or current account .Continue reading

Bank has asked all its branches to focus on msme, agriculture most

Union Bank of India to pursue its retail loan business is working on. He is working on the RAM model, the retail, agriculture and Mico and medium sector plans to give more loans.   Bank chairman Arun Tiwari bank in the sector in the last seven quarters, business is quite good. A year in the bank's retail loan business has grown by five per cent.   In June 2014, the retail loan business was 45 per cent, while in June this year it was 50 per cent.   Tiwari said the bank in ret.Continue reading

Bank will set target for customer service points and incentive too

State Bank of India (SBI) to take account balance to make profitable new strategy is formulated. The customer service point of the Bank has joined hands with the incentive model, where a customer service point at the target completion will get discounts of up to Rs 5,000. Under the SBI in November 2015 has set the target. SBI's strategy to open new payment is crucial, given the small bank.   What's Strategy Banks in the country have launched a campaign for its customer service points. Un.Continue reading

Bank employees to go on nationwide strike on December 2

Bank employees will be on strike nationwide on December 2. All India Bank Employees Association (AIBEA) General Secretary CH Venkatachalam said SBI associate banks to isolate and put pressure on issues such as government guidelines compassionate appointments strike has been called for.   In addition, the State sector bank employees union (Ssbiia) Chairman Mahesh Mishra said that in the two days of SBI associate banks (1 and 2 December), the strike has been called. Mishra warned that if th.Continue reading

PSU banks said the poor asset quality may continue for another 2-3 quarters

The problem facing huge NPAs of PSU banks finance minister said Wednesday that the problem related to poor asset quality is expected to remain until the coming 2-3 quarters. Banks finance minister discussed the matter in detail. 6100 crore from Bank of Baroda also the discussion on the issue of black money.   Banks use their capital to better advise Poor asset quality ministry said in a statement that the issue was discussed. Banks told him two to three quarters after the NPA's case coul.Continue reading

finmin report says around 8 private banks and rrb has not disbursed a single amount

The government's ambitious new way to challenge Jan Dhan scheme are exposed. Account holders in the private bank overdraft facilities are being lax. Many private banks, according to an internal report of the Finance Ministry so far has not given any account holders overdraft facility. The laxity of banks stuck Jan Dhan scheme Financial Inclusion is the major target. Jan Dhan Akountholders all the overdraft loan of Rs 5,000 to meet the provision.   Most private banks do According to a rep.Continue reading

most of the bank mitra has not facility to give rupay card base transaction

Jan Dhan about 18 million to account for government transactions could become a major challenge. This is because the account opening facility of 16 million RUPAY card transactions, most banks do not have friends. Yet only 24 thousand RUPAY card device to the bank are friends. Jan Dhan therefore limited account holders will be able to get the banking services.   What is the status of banks According to an internal report prepared by the Ministry of Finance Jan Dhan scheme RUPAY card trans.Continue reading

Fitch says India PSU bank reforms credit positive but risks remain

The government's public sector reforms that apply under the rainbow (PSU) of the banks' credit (loan) will be positively affected, which will be implemented over a period Mdhmm. Although risks remain intact. Fitch Ratings said Thursday it has projected.   The scheme will benefit from rainbow The rating agency said in a statement, & lsquo; seven points to put the reform and Rs 70,000 crore in public sector banks in the sector transparency, better governance and reliability that will s.Continue reading

Reserve Bank plans to announce small finance bank licences next month: Rajan

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) payment bank licenses to 11 applicants approved in principle a day for the next month Smaॅl Finance Bank is expected to issue licenses. RBI Reliance, Airtel, Vodafone and Aditya Birla Nuvo total of 11 companies including payment applications for bank licenses approved the principle.   RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan said on Thursday that the payment after approval of the bank's license Smaॅl Finance Bank now we are considering the issue of licenses. He .Continue reading

payment bank will boost the cashless transaction and financial inclusion

The country is going to change the entire business model of banking services. The bank will now street to street, not the long line at the bank for your small needs will find. On Wednesday, the RBI has cleared the way for the opening of bank payments in the country. RBI has allowed 11 companies to open bank payments. Payment of bank deposits will take. How Will Payments Bank Bank deposits shall be entitled to payment only. According to RBI any account holder can take payment in bank deposits u.Continue reading

11 firms get RBI's in-principle nod for payment banks

Payments have been cleared of the opening bank in the country. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Airtel, Reliance, Vodafone, Aditya Birla Nuvo, including 10 companies and post Aof Department approved payments to the bank to open. On Wednesday, the central bank banking license payments approved 11 applications. RBI said that applicants under the guidelines within 18 months to complete all the necessary conditions are. Closer to customers with banking services and financial inclusion in rural and r.Continue reading

Capital infusion alone can't improve efficiency of PSU banks, says S&P

Rating agency Standard & Poor's (S & P) has said that the government's decision to put public funds into banks will relieve them of course, but it will not eliminate their financial problems. S & P's credit analyst Amit Pandey said the government decided to put capital into the banks has come at a good time. However, it will not be enough. Increasing difficulty of weak PSU banks S & P's report for India's capital infusion in public sector banks R Just a breather said that some .Continue reading

Reserve Bank has cancelled certificate of registration of seven non-banking financial companies

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the seven non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) has canceled the registration certificate. These include Religare Finance Limited. On Monday, it was informed. Four of these companies are in Calcutta office while the rest of the office in New Delhi. Religare including companies whose offices are in Delhi, their names are: Artisan Micro Finance Private Limited and RCS Family Finance Limited. Not the names of the companies are in Kolkata Investment Private Limit.Continue reading

Bandhan Bank fixes interest rates

Bond bank savings and fixed deposit interest rates have been fixed. After starting banking operations bank interest rates will provide their account holders.   Bond Bank chairman CS Ghosh said Monday bondage Bank, and their interest rates on term deposits are finalized.   Savings account 4.25 per cent to Rs one lakh and Rs one lakh will be more than five per cent. The maximum interest rate on a three-year term deposit is 8.5 percent and senior citizens on fixed interest will be 0.2.Continue reading

Around 80000 vacancies are expected to open at top PSU banks in the country

The country's top public sector banks including State Bank of India in the next two years, 80,000 jobs could come. Because, in the next two years, nearly 80 thousand officers and staff would retire. According to sources in the financial year 2015-16 and 2016-17 78 800 employees would retire.   According to sources in the current financial year, 39 765 employees will retire. Of these 19 065 and 14 669 officers will clerk. Besides the financial year 6022 all-staff would retire. Whereas, som.Continue reading

No more hiring from private sector for Head of Public sector bank

The country's two major banks in the private sector as the head of recruitment of professionals, the government has put an end to this process. Finance Ministry today clarified the remaining banks appointed CEO and Managing Director would be through existing public sector talent pool. An external expert will not be included.   Financial Services Secretary cheerful Adia five major banks for the appointment process was different. Now the remaining banks, public sector banks for the governme.Continue reading

PSU banks revival plan Indradhanush could help the lenders register higher growth rate

PSU banks revival plan for the seven-party rainbow could be a game changer. With its help, the bank recorded a growth rate higher than earlier projections, the NPA can effectively face the problem too. This credit rating agency CRISIL said. According to CRISIL, capital infusion by the government in terms of providing clear roadmap and plan to maintain capital buffer will be better results. These measures public sector bank's credit rating in the short term will remain high in the safety categor.Continue reading