government has increased export incentives to cashews and ready-made garments

Government relief to exporters several products to enhance the incentive is approved. Many exporters are facing a slowdown in global demand are likely to benefit from it.

The government has given relief to exporters whose products, cashew them, readymade garments, machinery, motorcycle parts, medical instruments, sports goods, products made from natural rubber, telecom, chemicals and plastics that are exporting. The demand has remained stable in the last 10 months.

The government said that the incentives have been sanctioned, because companies exporting their goods was facing considerable difficulties.

Between April-September exports fell by 18 per cent compared to last year. In September, 24 per cent was recorded in the exports. Before the export incentives were based market where these products were sent. Government, industrial machinery, safety razor, hand tools used in agriculture, MSMEs created all kinds of locks and bicycle parts will support more.

Simultaneously, Government leather, iron, steel, base metals allowed to export to other countries.

Oct 30, 2015


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