China to introduce 50 lakh energy efficient vehicles by 2020

Working to promote green vehicles by 2020 China plans 50 million new energy vehicles on the streets of the country's land. The Chinese government is planning to open around 45 million charging stations. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said that we will continue to develop energy-saving and new energy vehicles. Our focus will be on creating the core technologies and components needed.


Li Keqiang said here in a program that will change the automobile industry sector in the coming days. This industry competition, will lead to global recognition and Sstanebl development.


You must change the policy level

Li Keqiang said that to promote energy Ifishiant vehicles will change the policy level. In addition to the vehicles in terms of bringing to market innovative business model will have to expand.


The Government will increase the charging facility

China's Vice-Premier Ma Kei in the program the government for new energy vehicles will make more charging stations. It also must ensure that they have proper competition. He said the auto industry a major innovation in battery technology should.


Focus on China's New Energy Vehicle

China to promote green growth focus is on New Energy Vehicles. It Fevrebl China policy is formulated. The tax, price subsidies and free services like phone number plates are given.


New energy vehicles sales grew 270 percent in 8 months

According to China Association of Automobile Manufacturers in China in the first eight months of 2015, sales of new energy vehicles jumped 270 per cent to 108 654 has. China plans to nearly 50 million by 2020, will bring new energy vehicles on the road. These charging stations will allow nearly 45 million.


Oct 23, 2015


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