Asian stocks trim losses after China GDP beat expectations

The world's second largest economy, China's GDP growth figures were better than expected. Though this figure is the lowest in 6 years.


GDP growth in the third quarter of this year fell by 7 per cent to 6.9 per cent. Although the market was estimated to be 6.8 per cent. These improved figures in the Asian market have seen a recovery from the lows. Japan's benchmark Nikkei index all but is now trading at the green.


China's GDP growth was 6.9%, down from 7%

China's GDP growth fell from 6.9 per cent to 7 per cent in Q3 is. Experts say that some of the recent moves in China's economy has had recourse, but fundamental concerns still intact.


Concerns about the economy still intact

Rating agency Moody's analyst Alastair Chan says that all of China's major concerns Brkra yet. China's economy to see if depth, exports are not growing. Industry and large corporate loans have increased as a result of the beds. Many large companies are on the verge of bankruptcy. If the stimulus package is just the economy, it will show an effect even in the long run.


Oct 20, 2015


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