Anti dumping probe on jute products from Bangladesh Nepal

To protect domestic industry of jute products from Bangladesh and Nepal, the government is planning to impose anti-dumping duties. On first appearance in front of the government such cases, on which Andy dumping duty to the government's own assessments.


Directorate General of Anti-dumping and Allied duties (Dijiadi), the Indian Jute Mills Association (IJMA) at the request of the two neighboring countries have launched investigations of imports of jute products. Association of jute products from Bangladesh and Nepal to impose anti-dumping duty on imports and the application had to undertake anti Daping.


Dijiadi to dump goods in the early stages of the investigation worship are met, which is hurting the domestic industry. Besides being alleged dumping and the fact that the degradation of the domestic industry, based on Andy's right to start dumping investigation.


Dijiadi Authority said that the alleged dumping and the damage to the domestic industry started investigation is continuing. Dumping of goods in check, after assessing the extent and impact of anti-dumping duties amount to be fixed. States to prevent damage to the domestic industry, it will be assessed in view of duty.

Oct 26, 2015


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