African countries look at India with all hope after China's growth slows down

India and 54 African countries beginning today a four-day meeting of its kind between the world's emerging power is historic meeting. In addition to taking part in the summit of 40 African countries on major issues of mutual separate meetings with Prime Minister said. India recorded a growth rate more than China with African countries has become the center of attraction, the Minerals and Natural Resources, with its large numbers and vast African countries to India could be valuable and reliable partner. The meeting in New Delhi between October 26 to 29, getting on board India's growing stature in the world is also speaks.


Why are so close to India and Africa

What to bring both sides closer to the moment the trigger is being created is that the minerals exports to China from African countries to be much lower. Due to sluggish demand from China to India are bound to drift. African countries believe that as the Prime Minister of speed will catch program in India, for India, they will be able to export more minerals and other resources. It's not just the economy remains on track, but their growth will also speed. In addition, African countries received financial help from China and investment are also becoming less frequent. It now also apprehensive about China's future have merit. When a fast developing country such as India is to find them, which is the ability to help the long-term.


India-Africa in many cases are the natural partner

India and most African countries, many issues and problems that are almost the same. Thus, both sides have become each other's natural partners. India also believes that the development agenda of African countries over the next five decades to describe the nature of the 2063 document Ajenda- closely linked to the interests of India. Development Goals in African countries and international ambitions are also similarities. Also has a long history of relations between the two sides. In addition, African countries, large amounts of minerals and hydrocarbon deposits. These are due to the attraction of India. Not only the UN International Forum on African countries such as India to get the cooperation. UN Security Council permanent membership of India has always supported African countries.


What are the top on agenda

The two sides on the agenda of the food, health and the environment are just basic things. In addition, Science and Technologies, Space Science and the two sides will work together on a Networked World. Terrorism will be considered prominently on Security Cooperation. It includes the Maritime Security. India and African countries during the summit will focus on development partnerships with the Sstanebl Blue Economy, which would include Climate changelog. Cooperation in oil and gas sector is also on the agenda. Besides, the two sides will work together at international forums. Since the Smiti 54 countries are connected, in such international fora, India is expected to strengthen. Traditionally, most African countries at the UN and other international forums are lined with India.


India's trade with Africa

India's current trade with Africa is around $ 75 billion. India in the past four years to $ 7.4 billion for various developmental and capacity building projects have given. Nearly 137 projects in 41 African countries during the India imposed.


Third India-Africa Forum Summit How many countries are taking part

Altogether 54 countries are participating in the summit. Earlier, on October 23 India-Africa Trade Ministers (Aiattimm) meeting attended by representatives of 40 countries. These delegates Trade Minister, Kmishnrs for Trade and Industry, African Union Commission and African-8 REC (Rijln Economic Communities), the Secretary-General and head included. In the Arab Maghreb Union eight RECs, the Southern Africa Development Community, the Common Market Far Eastern and Southern Africa and the Economic Community of West African States are involved.


Oct 26, 2015


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