Approx 228 people died in Pakistan for earthquake

Since the earthquake in Pakistan on Monday, killing more than 275 people. Monday's 7.7-magnitude earthquake rocked Afghanistan and Pakistan as well as the entire North India. The epicenter was Hindukush Mountains. More than 1,000 people in Pakistan earthquake building collapse, landslide and the stampede injured. Most casualties from the earthquake in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA area is.   Pakistani army chief Rahil Sharif, including Peshawar, capital of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province aerial.Continue reading

India third-largest student market in London: report

China and the US in London after becoming India has become the largest international student market. According to latest reports, the London International students studying in universities in the UK's economy last year was 3 billion pounds boost. In addition, support has 37,000 jobs. Mayor of London's official promotional company London & Partners, says the report released.   Indian Stutend how much to spend According to the report, the 3 billion pounds of the Indian students in the .Continue reading

China cut interest rate by 0.25%, loan to get further cheaper

China to protect its economy from the slowdown hitting another big step. China within a year, the sixth reduction in its benchmark lending rate. China's central bank on Friday to 0.25 percent Rending lending and deposit rates of 0.25 per cent a year reduction. October 24 will be applied to interest rate changes.   The benchmark lending rate will fall to 4.35 percent The central bank cut its benchmark lending rate for banks is to reduce the required reserve limits. People's Bank of China .Continue reading

China to introduce 50 lakh energy efficient vehicles by 2020

Working to promote green vehicles by 2020 China plans 50 million new energy vehicles on the streets of the country's land. The Chinese government is planning to open around 45 million charging stations. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said that we will continue to develop energy-saving and new energy vehicles. Our focus will be on creating the core technologies and components needed.   Li Keqiang said here in a program that will change the automobile industry sector in the coming days. This in.Continue reading

China launches USD 2.8 bn worth major water diversion project

China has launched another large dam projects. This project is in central China's Hubei province. The project will invest $ 2.8 billion to China. The dam project completion, it is expected to benefit nearly 50 million people.   The dam project is completed the 270 km-long pipeline to China by 1.4 billion cubic meters of water each year from the reservoir Danjiaangkou North Jiangyang of Hubei, the province would supply Shujou and Jiaogn   Last year, China was the world's biggest dam.Continue reading

Apple cleaning up act in China with more renewable energy

Aifons maker Apple manufacturing plant located in China producing renewable energy will work towards reducing air pollution. The company's manufacturing plant in China is focusing on sanitation and solar energy.   Apple believes in millions every month to become the iPhone, iPad and iPod air pollution is growing. Possibilities of solar energy and renewable energy can be reduced. Apple with its Chinese supplier company in 2020 to produce 2.2 gigawatts of solar power and other renewable ene.Continue reading

Asian stocks trim losses after China GDP beat expectations

The world's second largest economy, China's GDP growth figures were better than expected. Though this figure is the lowest in 6 years.   GDP growth in the third quarter of this year fell by 7 per cent to 6.9 per cent. Although the market was estimated to be 6.8 per cent. These improved figures in the Asian market have seen a recovery from the lows. Japan's benchmark Nikkei index all but is now trading at the green.   China's GDP growth was 6.9%, down from 7% China's GDP growth fel.Continue reading

Australian government on gives environmental clearance to the Adani Group's Carmichael coal min

Indian mining company Adani Australian government Carmichael coal mine and rail projects has been approved for a second. The government's $ 16.5 billion project is approved after solving environmental issues. Karmaikl Coal Mine is one of the world's largest coal project. Environment Minister Greg Hunt, 36 is allowed to project with strict conditions. The 31 thousand hectares, conservation and improvement, community issues and by the company to meet the highest standards, including Environmental .Continue reading

India seeks greater Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in insurance, construction, defence and railway sectors

President Pranab Mukherjee, insurance, railway, defense and more foreign investment in many sectors including Construction advocating that countries that have made changes in its policy to attract foreign investors. Jordanian university president said at a ceremony in India, the world's largest economy is emerging. In the last decade, India has seven per cent growth and this time it has become the largest market. Mukherjee said India's trade with Jordan has more than two billion dollars, and b.Continue reading

India has made a strong case for shareholding of the World Bank Group

World Bank Group shareholding in India on Thursday said his side that developing nations should get more shares from the bank to increase the loan limits. India World Bank's Development Committee, speaking on behalf of Finance Minister said that these countries will need more financial help, so that Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) could be fulfilled. Development Committee of the World Bank Group and the IMF's ministerial forum. Jaitley at the meeting, including India, Sri Lanka, Banglades.Continue reading

Many casualties in Ankara blast

Turkish capital Ankara in a blast near a railway station in front of many people's casualties. Although the cause of the blast is not known.   Turkey's Dogan news agency said the blast away from there are out on the front of the march was peaceful. This is a peace between the government and the ongoing war against Kurdish militants were named.   According to reports not yet know how many people in the blasts, casualties are found. Oct 09, 2015.Continue reading

India's share in export to get impacted via TPP agreement

Among the 12 countries in the US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement on India's impact on the export market may have. India's export market share is likely to damage. Singapore's DBS banking group said in its report, the Economic Daily. However, according to the banking group, the TPP countries to sign the agreement into effect and other processes may take a few more years to complete. Given the track record of India Free Trade Agreement, under which the export target, it is likely to.Continue reading

China introduces International Payment System to bolster Yuan currency

China on its currency yuan used to increase the global platform is a big step. China awaited China International Payment System (CIPS) has launched the first phase. Global use of the yuan will rise and the other countries bordering with China in yuan instead of paying foreign center will be from China. People's Bank of China Vice President Fan Waifei said CIPS domestic and foreign financial institutions for transactions in yuan settlement and clearing services will provide the capital. Global u.Continue reading

government has increased export incentives to cashews and ready-made garments

Government relief to exporters several products to enhance the incentive is approved. Many exporters are facing a slowdown in global demand are likely to benefit from it. The government has given relief to exporters whose products, cashew them, readymade garments, machinery, motorcycle parts, medical instruments, sports goods, products made from natural rubber, telecom, chemicals and plastics that are exporting. The demand has remained stable in the last 10 months. The government said that the.Continue reading

Indian firms must invest in African nations for growth resources says Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj

(South Sudan's foreign minister Benjamin Barnava haggard met Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj did.) Foreign Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said that Indian companies should invest in African countries, as it makes Resources and growth opportunities. It would be beneficial to both sides equally. African foreign ministers on Wednesday after meeting with Swaraj said that the continent's countries provide large opportunities for business and investment. . India and Africa to strength.Continue reading

MSMEs using thin steel coils hit hard by 20% safeguard duty

20 per cent safeguard duty on steel imposed by the central government for nearly 500 small and medium Intrpraiejej (MSMEs) have been affected. Industry body Federation of Indian Industries, said that nearly 500 small and medium companies use steel coils are in your Products. Federation of Industries of India general secretary HL Bhardwaj safeguard duty on steel imposed by the government will have an impact on industry.   He MSME industry that will have the effect of safeguard duty coil (2.Continue reading

African countries look at India with all hope after China's growth slows down

India and 54 African countries beginning today a four-day meeting of its kind between the world's emerging power is historic meeting. In addition to taking part in the summit of 40 African countries on major issues of mutual separate meetings with Prime Minister said. India recorded a growth rate more than China with African countries has become the center of attraction, the Minerals and Natural Resources, with its large numbers and vast African countries to India could be valuable and reliable .Continue reading

Anti dumping probe on jute products from Bangladesh Nepal

To protect domestic industry of jute products from Bangladesh and Nepal, the government is planning to impose anti-dumping duties. On first appearance in front of the government such cases, on which Andy dumping duty to the government's own assessments.   Directorate General of Anti-dumping and Allied duties (Dijiadi), the Indian Jute Mills Association (IJMA) at the request of the two neighboring countries have launched investigations of imports of jute products. Association of jute produ.Continue reading

PMO questions urgency in implementation of export subsidy scheme

Export subsidy scheme to be implemented immediately to differences in the PMO and the Ministry of Commerce. PMO commerce and industry ministry subsidy scheme for exporters questioned the proposal to re-apply. According to sources in the PMO question time to implement the plan by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has taken on, while the rupee has already weakened and interest rates have declined.   According to the proposal of the Ministry provided financial assistance to exporters pla.Continue reading

Govt hikes import duty on wheat to 25% to check imports

Government purchases of wheat from abroad to prevent the import duty is 25 per cent. It was 10 per cent. The government in the wake of the fall in wheat prices in the global market it is decided. The increase in import duty on March 31 by 2016, has been applied for. RBD palm stearin by the government, with methanol and sodium Methoksaid excise duty is removed.   This increase applies to March 31 The Finance Ministry said in a statement, & lsquo; international wheat prices fall and th.Continue reading